the plaid lemur

I’m picturing you reading this right now, you’re wearing a sombrero. I can tell by the way you click your mouse that you smell a little like Sucrets, with a hint of gasoline. That’s right, I can channel my sight right through the computer at you. My advice? Get rid of the horizontal striped pants, they make you look like a nineteenth century circus groupie.

Don’t  freak out, I’m just the greatest man who ever lived, that’s why I can picture you so well right now. I don’t want any comments about ‘Can you find my missing cat?’, or any such nonsense, I only use my powers to imagine people through my computer screen, the other stuff is for tarot card readers.

More seriously, though…

I’m a guy searching for some sort of truth. Not the truths that can be derived from theology, philosophy, or any other contrived tool of man, but something more elemental. I want to know the truth of a moment, the truth of a look, of a glance, or of a brush of air against the hairs of my arm. It’s these truths that exist–somehow–the others are merely a fool’s errand.

Over the time of this blog you may get a small glimpse of my life. It may be through fiction (no matter how poorly constructed), or rants, but I promise to be as honest as I can be to you…at least as honest as I am with myself. It may or may not end up being interesting, but that isn’t for me to decide, I can only share what I am.


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  1. Where have you been? I like reading your writing?

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