Palin Claims US is at War With Iraq AND Iran

November 2, 2008

She is now officially the dumbest politician on the national stage.

It’s dangerous for her to be anywhere close to any public office in the US. Mayor is too much for an idiot of this magnitude.



  1. Have you seen the Daily Show visit Wasilla? There must be something in the water:



  2. lol. Wasilla is such a joke. I love the question he poses to the mayor about the fire department, and she has to say they don’t have one…then the school system, and she again has to admit they don’t have one…then “any social service”, none! lmao. Actual responsibilities, my ass.

    Great links, they were hilarious.

  3. That is ridiculous

  4. wasilla is the size if a postage stamp,I spent seven year,s in Anchorage & also owned a summer house on Mirror Lake area very close to Wasilla,& holding the office of mayor ,is an honor but in such a small area,it does not qualify you to be the next president of the U.S.A, god help us all if these two get in.

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