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First Election Results In!

November 4, 2008

Obama wins both Hart’s Location, and Dixville Notch (in my wonderful New Hampshire). The ballot tally in Hart’s Location was 17-10 for Senator Obama. Dixville Notch gave Senator Obama a greater victory, 15-6!

The tally now stands at 32-16

John McCain is not expected to overcome this 16 vote deficit.


Poll: Who Won the Debate?

October 15, 2008

You probably know my choice.

Have at it.


Who Won the Debate – New Poll Out

October 7, 2008

516 Uncommited Voters- CBS News Poll

Who won the debate?

40% Sen. Obama
34% Tie
26% Sen. McCain

Who will make the right decisions about economy?

68% Sen. Obama (55% before debate)
48% Sen. McCain (41% before debate)

Who understands voters needs and problems?

80% Sen. Obama (59% before debate)
44% Sen. McCain (33% before debate)

Who would bring real change?

63% Sen. Obama (51% before debate)
38% Sen. McCain (23% before debate)

Now committed to a candidate?

72% No
15% Sen. Obama
12% Sen. McCain

I think the numbers indicate something that the question “who won the debate” has trouble answering–who won the debate. People want to be ‘fair’ for some reason, but when asked more in depth questions, you see the disparity between the ‘who won’ question, and all the actual indicators of who actually came across better.

My analysis?

(please excuse my following use of very academic language)

McCain just got punked.