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WoooooooHooooo! President-Elect, Barack Obama.

November 4, 2008

What a wonderful day for change, but foremost in my mind is the return of the United States from being an international joke.


First Election Results In!

November 4, 2008

Obama wins both Hart’s Location, and Dixville Notch (in my wonderful New Hampshire). The ballot tally in Hart’s Location was 17-10 for Senator Obama. Dixville Notch gave Senator Obama a greater victory, 15-6!

The tally now stands at 32-16

John McCain is not expected to overcome this 16 vote deficit.


Palin Claims US is at War With Iraq AND Iran

November 2, 2008

She is now officially the dumbest politician on the national stage.

It’s dangerous for her to be anywhere close to any public office in the US. Mayor is too much for an idiot of this magnitude.


The Undeniable Idiocy of Palin

October 31, 2008

Sarah Palin sometime just before, and just after saying something completely asinine

Celebrities are notorious for saying some of the most outrageously asinine things that can be imagined. Tom Cruise, the master of glibness, has a streak of about 20 years of this, as does Jon Voight. These aren’t sane men, at least not if their silly comments are a peek into their actual worldview, and not just moments of confusion in front of the cameras. It doesn’t matter what their political views are, bat-shit insane extends throughout the whole spectrum. We expect this from them, and the other people famous for memorizing lines of dialogue, but Sarah Palin? She has a special place in the bat-shit insane category–a place reserved for those that should know better, but are just far too dumb to understand.

Politicians seeking the highest offices of the nation are supposed to be intelligent. They need to have the wherewithal to analyze and solve problems of such magnitude that history is affected by their decisions. A sound base of understanding and capability to piece together the various doctrines set forth by the forefathers and the preceding great administrators of our democracy is absolutely mandatory to make such decisions. One of the most basic of these doctrines is the Bill of Rights.

We should be able to expect that someone put forth as a major party candidate has a firm understanding of the Bill of Rights. It’s only twenty seven amendments that need to be understood, and one of those was repealed, simplifying the task. With sixteen years in politics, no matter the level she was serving at, one could reasonably expect Sarah Palin to have a firm grasp of these simple concepts. However, she has fallen far short of reasonable expectation, and her latest insight into the Bill of Rights leaves us no doubt as to the level of idiocy she has attained.

For those that have refused to read, or even take a quick gander at the Bill of Rights, here’s the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

There’s six main points within the this amendment, so let’s just take “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech…”

Sarah Palin, in all of her glory, stated today:

If [the media] convince enough voters that that is negative campaigning, for me to call Barack Obama out on his associations, then I don’t know what the future of our country would be in terms of First Amendment rights and our ability to ask questions without fear of attacks by the mainstream media.

How monumentally idiotic is this statement? Not all of the marble quarries, in all of the countries on earth, could possibly provide the material to celebrate this idiocy with a monument fittingly large enough. It’s that convoluted, that moronic, and that far off from what the First Amendment deals with. We expect more from a major party nominee for Vice President.

Let’s just deal with her First Amendment right to free speech, for the time being. She has the right to say a lot of things–there is no denying this–and she’s speaking very, very freely. Some could argue that she’s even riding a fine line between free speech, and speech that is slanderous (per se). I won’t go into that here, as slander is tort law, and we’re just dealing with the First Amendment in a more pure state.

She hasn’t been stopped, by any party, from speaking. Many, if not most, of her speeches are televised, broadcast around the country, and the world, for billions to hear. There has been no speech filter placed between herself and the masses huddled in front of the evening news, and no attempt to stop her from spouting off what she wants to on the stages constructed for that purpose. Her freedom of speech has not only not been denied, it has been amplified far beyond the common person’s ability.

Her assertion that the the press is threatening her ability to exercise her freedom of speech is ludicrous. She cites the “fear of attack” by the ‘mainstream media’ as that threat to her freedoms. Nowhere in the First Amendment does it state, nor in any precedent, that the press cannot examine and analyze the speech made by an individual to the point of making that person fearful to speak freely. On the contrary, the press is guaranteed to do such things, right there after the individual’s right to the freedom of speech.

The press needs to be free to criticize Sarah Palin’s various opinions and statements put forth in order for our democracy to function well. It’s not a matter of getting her to stop speaking, or to dissuade her from do so, but to inform the general public of the veracity (or lack thereof) and implications of the various statements she makes. The freedom of the press, especially in disseminating information and opinion contrary to that which is put forth by our politicians, is not only in the best interests of the public, it is mandatory for the continuation of informed voting.

This cockamamie argument that the press labeling some of her speech as ‘negative campaigning’ is abridging her freedom of speech is not only wrongheaded, but a dangerous mischaracterization of the First Amendment. Her speech has not been infringed upon in the slightest, and to posit that criticism of her statements by the press is harmful to her First Amendment rights is laughable. That same press, that ‘mainstream media’ that she is attacking is the same press that gives her hour upon hour of coverage…in her own words. She could have even more camera time, if she so chose, but her ineptness as answering even the simplest of questions has made the McCain campaign limit the outlets of her free, and mind-numbingly foolish, speech.

Sarah Palin, spare us your horrifically idiotic interpretations of the First Amendment. Your ignorance knows no bounds. Your freedoms have not been threatened, but if you get elected all of our freedoms will be threatened by your idiocy.

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McCain/Palin Wackos at Rally-Video

October 9, 2008

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

Declaration of Independence

I hereby dissolve any political bands that I may have with the people in the following video. I don’t want to be in the same country as them. I don’t want to think that they live on my block, or go to the same supermarket as me. These people are mindless zombies, devoid of reason, and angry for only the sake of another’s will.

John McCain and Sarah Palin have incited this type of mindset, this proto-violent wrath toward a fictitious Manchurian Candidate. They make claims that excite the fear within their constituents, a fear more base than elicited by those that speak of trilateral commissions, and UN world governments. Both parties, and also independents, have portions of their base that are vulnerable to such fear mongering. But this fear mongering isn’t a distant ill that one can stew over, this fear that they are promoting is immediate–only 20 some odd days away.

They know what they are doing, there is no ignorance in their accusations. They know that Republicans, as well as Democrats served on that educational board with Barack Obama and William Ayers. They know that William Ayers turned himself into police, and all of the charges against him had been dropped. They know that Wallis Annenberg, as well as the Annenberg Foundation (founded by Walter Annenberg, an Ambassador from the Nixon Administration, and life-long Republican), were involved with that board and educational challenge.They also know that they could be inciting violence–and they seem not to care.

Without further ado, the video of the hatred being instigated by McCain and Palin’s campaign:


McCain – “My Fellow Prisoners” – Confused?

October 8, 2008

Senator John McCain has shown quite a few moments in this campaign season of his muddled thought process. There is the use of tactics that are wishy-washy, and his attempt to take Senator Obama’s campaign slogans (a defensive gesture far too early in the season that confused his own image making process). But one needs look no further than his comments today, a gaffe that goes straight into the befuddled neural pathways of a man that was never ready to lead.

This isn’t simply a misstatement, it’s a warning sign of his advancing confusion. Thoughts colliding in his mind, topics becoming entangled, and reasoning that cannot withstand the in depth rigors of Presidential decision making, all blatantly apparent in this one gaffe.

If one of your friends had made a mistake like this, and didn’t correct him or herself immediately, you’d start to worry about how they were acting, wouldn’t you? I would. It’s not a positive sign, I’ll tell you that.

Here are the signs of dementia from

  • Recent memory loss. All of us forget things for a while and then remember them later. People with dementia often forget things, but they never remember them. They might ask you the same question over and over, each time forgetting that you’ve already given them the answer. They won’t even remember that they already asked the question.
  • Difficulty performing familiar tasks. People who have dementia might cook a meal but forget to serve it. They might even forget that they cooked it.
  • Problems with language. People who have dementia may forget simple words or use the wrong words. This makes it hard to understand what they want.
  • Time and place disorientation. People who have dementia may get lost on their own street. They may forget how they got to a certain place and how to get back home.
  • Poor judgment. Even a person who doesn’t have dementia might get distracted. But people who have dementia can forget simple things, like forgetting to put on a coat before going out in cold weather.
  • Problems with abstract thinking. Anybody might have trouble balancing a checkbook, but people who have dementia may forget what the numbers are and what has to be done with them.
  • Misplacing things. People who have dementia may put things in the wrong places. They might put an iron in the freezer or a wristwatch in the sugar bowl. Then they can’t find these things later.
  • Changes in mood. Everyone is moody at times, but people with dementia may have fast mood swings, going from calm to tears to anger in a few minutes.
  • Personality changes. People who have dementia may have drastic changes in personality. They might become irritable, suspicious or fearful.
  • Loss of initiative People who have dementia may become passive. They might not want to go places or see other people.

So, how do these relate to John McCain recently?

Memory Loss: John McCain seems to have forgotten that he repeatedly said the fundamentals of the economy were strong. Now he seems to think that he saw the economic crisis coming a long time ago.

Difficulty performing familiar tasks: Senator McCain was trying to get off stage a couple weeks ago, and couldn’t seem to find out how to do it. This is a guy who’s been on stage more than Michael Jackson, for crying out loud. He not only couldn’t remember how he got up there, but he seemed not to know how to go about it. Here’s the video:

Problems with language: Well, the “my fellow prisoners” sure fits this bill.

Time and place disorientation: He certainly can’t seem to find his way to the White House.

Poor judgment: I think Senator Obama did a fine job of calling out Senator McCain on this one:

Problems with abstract thinking: Would understanding that Spain is an ally fit in here? Zapatero-> Spain-> Country -> Europe -> NATO -> Friend -> Happy to see them!

Misplacing things: I’m pretty sure he misplaced integrity and honor about 7-8 months ago (okay, maybe 25 years ago).

Changes in mood: Des Moines Register interview anyone?

Personality changes: C’mon, it’s his whole campaign, I can’t post a video of that! ;-O

Loss of initiative: Wanted to cancel the first debate, suspended his campaign to retreat to his campaign office to call only 11 Representatives (only 4 of whom voted for the bailout package…some leadership), and didn’t want to go see Dave.

The above opinions are mine alone; I in no way am making or inferring a medical diagnosis, and make no claims as to the authenticity of the above medical terminology or those medical statement’s connection with any individual other than in a satirical and hyperbolic nature.


Who Won the Debate – New Poll Out

October 7, 2008

516 Uncommited Voters- CBS News Poll

Who won the debate?

40% Sen. Obama
34% Tie
26% Sen. McCain

Who will make the right decisions about economy?

68% Sen. Obama (55% before debate)
48% Sen. McCain (41% before debate)

Who understands voters needs and problems?

80% Sen. Obama (59% before debate)
44% Sen. McCain (33% before debate)

Who would bring real change?

63% Sen. Obama (51% before debate)
38% Sen. McCain (23% before debate)

Now committed to a candidate?

72% No
15% Sen. Obama
12% Sen. McCain

I think the numbers indicate something that the question “who won the debate” has trouble answering–who won the debate. People want to be ‘fair’ for some reason, but when asked more in depth questions, you see the disparity between the ‘who won’ question, and all the actual indicators of who actually came across better.

My analysis?

(please excuse my following use of very academic language)

McCain just got punked.