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Using Google Trends to Predict Elections?

October 22, 2008

What a day and age we live in. The vast amount of information and analytical ability we possess due to our digitalized environment can often times be overwhelming, but there’s some good stuff to be found. Some stuff we do (okay, at least the geekier among us) with the information we have is to play with it. No ends needed, no definitive goal or tactical reasons, just playing with data like we had with Matchbox cars as a kid. That sounds weird, doesn’t it? Eh, oh well, so I like stuff like that–it could be worse, I could be a plushophile.

Occasionally though, playing with data leads to something neat, as I think it did this time. There I am, playing with Google trends, comparing ‘sex’ to ‘Jesus’, and ‘Tootsie Roll’ to ‘Thoreau’ (sex is way more popular than Jesus, and surprisingly, Thoreau beat down Tootsie Roll), when I decided to plug in the presidential tickets. It seemed banal at first, but then I got to thinking. I downloaded the chart and opened it in Excel, made it into my own chart with linear trend lines, and viola! An instant explanation of the past month in the campaign.

The big peak that you see is the VP debate. That orange skyscraper is Palin being searched a ton, probably the searchers looking for some sort of rational explanation of what to expect, and the polling results of the debate. Biden went up by about the same factor, although his search volume both before and after just can’t compare to Palin’s.

Biden, no matter his ability to stuff his size 11 loafer deep into his mouth, has had relatively little search volume for the entire campaign. This is not only good, it’s great. Biden isn’t a sexy choice (although don’t tell that to my mother and her friends, apparently he’s hot stuff to the AARP girls), but he’s one that’s seen as completely safe to the voter. There’s no reason to search for Biden stuff, he’s a total pro with a resumé longer than da Vinci’s. The sheer boringness of Biden is his greatest strength on the Democratic ticket. No surprises.

Palin has peeks and valleys reminiscent of that Himalayan adventure I’ve never actually taken. She’s the most dangerous person I’ve ever seen on a campaign trail, and not to the opponent. She can’t go three days without some major, idiotic gaffe that a first year poly-sci student wouldn’t make. The VP needs more power, the VP is in charge of the Senate, I can see Russia from my snowmobile, the Bush Doctrine (“In what way, Charlie?”), and any number of other mind numbing comments make her like a blind moose on meth running through the entire Republican party with chainsaws for antlers–you know someone’s getting hurt, but you can’t help but watch. There is reason after reason to search for her on the Internet, and not too many of them are good.

Now, McCain versus Obama.

Senator Obama’s trend line looks like a plane taking off guided by a demure and responsible pilot. McCain’s trend is rising, but ever so slightly. The best news for him is that by the end of the campaign he should be more searched than his Vice Presidential choice. It’s called upstaging, John, and you’ve been upstaged by a half-wit former sports anchor from a small TV station in Alaska. That’s gotta hurt.

These trend lines seem reflected in the polls. Senator Obama’s support seems to be solidifying just at the right time, while Senator McCain, although not losing percentage points (in most polls), he is losing ground.

Here’s the RCP tracking averages for the past month, with an approximate trend lines added:

McCain’s trend line in the searches seems to be better than the polling numbers, and Obama’s polling numbers seems to be shallower than his increase in search volume. Now, one can reasonably expect that closer to the election, more searches will be performed on each candidate, so logically, the trend lines need to be ‘normalized’ to some degree. I could have actually done some math for this, but I decided to merely overlay the trend lines, and adjust the search lines so that they have approximately the same midpoint as the poll trends–about where 50/50 would be.

Lo and behold, the overlay:

Wow, that’s a close match. The search trend lines are still not in exact line with what the polls are saying, but I’d say that they match up better than expected. Can this be? Can searches from Google show the direction of the campaigns? Honestly, I’m not completely sold on the idea, but I’ll tell you what- that’s an interesting correlation. I told you playing with data can be fun.

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New Pew Research Poll Out – Shocking Numbers!

October 21, 2008

The presidential race is tightening, that’s been the dialogue over the past week or so, but is it true? According to Pew Research, not at all. The latest poll has to be quite the barbiturate to the hopes of the McCain campaign that has been touting some recent polls as evidence that the race may be breaking Senator McCain’s way. Those polls did show a very slight movement, but so insignificant as to not statistically show anything. The Pew poll shows a very statistically significant movement, and not in the way McCain’s lobbyist pundits were hoping for.

The October 16 through 19 poll was released today, polling over 2,500 registered voters. The results are stunning, so please make sure that you are sitting. Ready? Senator Obama now leads Senator McCain by 14 percentage points, 52 percent to 38 percent. You read that right, the Pew Research poll, one of the most extensive and most trusted polls in the business shows a lead of 14 percent.

The poll is more in depth than most, also delving into the perceptions of individuals on subjects such as the the way the campaigns have been run, who they trust more with individual issues, and gives a full demographic and psychographic profiles of those that they polled. It is certainly one of the more interesting reports to read if you are into geeky stuff, like I am.

Here’s a brief breakdown:

Pew Research Poll Oct. 16-19
Your Choice for President?
Senator Obama 52%
Senator McCain 38%
Other/Undecided 10%
Best Handle Economy?
Senator Obama 53%
Senator McCain 32%
Best Handle Iraq?
Senator Obama 48%
Senator McCain 42%
Senator Obama 71%
Senator McCain 37%
Too Negative?
Senator Obama 26%
Senator McCain 56%

Two weeks out, and the race now looks to be widening. I expect Senator McCain to tone down his hateful scorn within a few days, and attempt to make nice. It won’t work. At this point, he’s burned every bridge, ticked off every Democrat and half the Republicans, and I wouldn’t expect him to be received well (if he ever really was) in the Senate chamber.

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The Rated R Election

October 20, 2008

Just some quick thoughts on why I think this election cycle has become so contemptuous.

If this election ever gets made into a truthful movie, it could never receive a PG-13 rating. There’s too much vitriol, too much hate, and all together too many allegations of the worst sort. I remember as a child being able to watch every second of news, and read every article about the presidential elections. If I were that same child today, I would hope my parents would shield me from this.

Remember Carter-Reagan, or Mondale-Bush? Campaigns that made some silly points, and attacked each other for sure, but nothing like calling your opponent a terrorist or mischaracterizing their ancestry and religion. That just wasn’t done. Sure, some fanatics deep in their own ideology no doubt cast aspersions upon anyone they disagreed with, but the technology of the day kept it confined from public mass consumption. Today, The political feeding trough of the country is filled with this offal, unfit for safe consumption, yet cheaper than actual commentary.

I’m guilty of it. I realize that. I push the hard edges, and make no bones about it. Maybe I’m stuck in a physics equation dealing with the conservation of energy, the muck gets thrown at my side, and I have an equal and opposite reaction (losing a little of the muck lost as heat energy in the process). I’m not a political science professor concerned with riding the fine line between informing and balancing–I’m a blogger taking advantage of the technology and the voice given to me.

Am I making a plea for this all to stop, for us to refocus our attentions toward a common good? I don’t know. I’m not going to let up on my posts reporting the disgustingness appearing from the other side, just as I’m not going stop being inspired and hopeful that after this election is put in the books, we have a chance to redefine ourselves to the world community and ourselves. I think many of us are this way. We have these two sides to our political reality. On one, we have a vision of perfection being created from our deeply held political beliefs, and on the other, we see the horridness, the antithesis of our vision being fought for from our political opponents.

What the main concern of both sides seems to be is our personal freedom. The ability to go through our lives unharassed by the intervention of forces beyond our control. The noble vision of each man and woman living as they see fit, and having a piece of the happiness we all dream of. I think it may be this simple.

When the ‘other side’ is viewed, we see the extreme negative consequence of their vision, the ultimate ends of a misguided means. The conservatives see government programs as the enemy, and corporate involvement in these very same activities as the ultimate good. The liberal element sees corporate involvement in some areas as profiteering on the fundamental necessities of life, when a communal good could be provided at a cheaper cost by pooling our resources. Neither side wants to be burdened with understanding the honest benefits that the other view could provide, just as we do not want to consider our own views as misguided.

It’s not that both sides are right. But it’s not that one side may be right, while the other is wrong. The world isn’t so simple. There is no black and white world where this is so. The world is a shade of grays. Now, I do not, and can not say that a combination of the two sides ideas would be better than the alternatives, that is also a foolish path that leads to the solution of problems that do not exist, and problems arising from solutions that are not needed. It is quite possible that either side is right for a given set of circumstances.

The election has turned into an exposé of this problem of black and white rationalizing of a gray world. Our hackles are raised at every turn, both by our vision of a terrible outcome, and the reactions to reactions to reactions of reactions. The endless froth of contempt is spilling over from hearts, and into our souls. Hatred is being born where misunderstanding once resided, and misunderstanding is beginning to creep into our own political visions.

Of course Senator Obama isn’t a Muslim, just as he’s not a socialist, a terrorist sympathizer, or a secret agent sent by a foreign government or group. These fearful indictments aren’t born from actual events or truths, they are created in the fearful reaction to a perceived worst case scenario. Maybe it can’t be helped, this attempt to justify our visions of doom, but at least we can understand it. It isn’t evil that resides in the souls of those that spread this fear mongering, it is the vision of evil that does it.

Defenses are up now. Soothing the fearful soul can only come with time, just as the mental trauma from a car crash gently fades from consciousness and finds it’s place somewhere calmer, and more reflective. I can no more rationally explain to a person spewing forth hysterical denouncements of Senator Obama’s character than I could magically heal a survivor of a horrible accident. It will take time for these people to heal themselves, and we can only hope that the scars also fade.


Newspaper Presidential Endorsements – Full List!

October 18, 2008

Red indicates that the paper endorsed Bush in 2004; Blue endorsed Kerry; Black did not endorse in 2004; (B) or (K) for the color blind.

66 total

Arkansas Times (K)

The Argus (Fremont) (K)
Contra Costa Times (Walnut Creek) (K)
Daily Review (Hayward) (K)
The Fresno Bee (K)
La Opinion (Los Angeles) (K)

Los Angeles Times (N/A)
The Modesto Bee (K)
The Monterey County Herald (K)
Oakland Tribune (K)

The (Stockton) Record (B)
The Sacramento Bee (K)
San Bernardino Sun (B)
San Francisco Chronicle (K)
San Jose Mercury News (K)
San Mateo County Times (K)
Santa Cruz Sentinel (K)

Tri-Valley Herald (B)

Cortez Journal (K)
The Denver Post (B)
The Durango Herald (K)
Gunnison Country Times (N/A)
Ouray County Plaindealer (K)

The Washington Post (K)

Miami Herald (K)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (K)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin (K)

Chicago Tribune (B)
Chicago Sun-Times (K)
Southwest News-Herald (K)

The Storm Lake Times (K)

Bangor Daily News (K)
Brunswick Times-Record (K)

The Boston Globe (K)
The Standard-Times (New Bedford) (K)

The Muskegon Chronicle (K)

Kansas City Star
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (K)

Las Cruces Sun-News (B)
Santa Fe New Mexican (K)

The Daily News (B)
el Diario

Asheville Citizen-Times (K)

The (Toledo) Blade (K)
Dayton Daily News (K)

The (Canton) Repository (B)
Springfield News-Sun (K)

Mail Tribune (Medford) (K)
The Oregonian of Portland (K)

Yamhill Valley News-Register

The Express-Times (Easton) (B)
Philadelphia Inquirer (K)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (K)

Chattanooga Times (K)
The Commercial Appeal (Memphis) (K)
The (Nashville) Tennessean (K)

The Lufkin Daily News (K)

The Salt Lake Tribune (B)

Falls Church News-Press (K)

The Columbian (B)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer (K)
The Seattle Times (K)

The Charleston Gazette (K)

The Capital Times (Madison) (K)
Wisconsin State Journal (Madison) (B)


John McCain
18 total


Napa Valley Register (B)
The San Francisco Examiner (B)

Mountain Valley News (Cedaredge)
The Daily Sentinel (Grand Junction) (B)
The Pueblo Chieftain (B)

The Washington DC Examiner (N/A)

Tampa Tribune

The Baltimore Examiner (N/A)

Boston Herald (B)
The (Lowell) Sun (B)

Foster’s Daily Democrat (B)
Union Leader (Manchester) (B)

New York Post (B)

The (Findlay) Courier (B)

Amarillo Globe-News (B)
Dallas Morning News (B)

(Spokane) Spokesman-Review (B)

Wheeling News-Register (B)


No newspaper that endorsed John Kerry in 2004 has endorsed John McCain in 2008.

Twelve newspapers that endorsed Bush in 2004 have endorsed Barack Obama in 2008.

The circulation of the Obama endorsers in about 7 times greater than the circulation of the McCain endorsers.

The gap of 66 newspaper endorsements to 18 is a historic gap.

McCain received 4 endorsements from papers that didn’t endorse in 2004. The Baltimore and The Washington D.C. Examiners are free rags that weren’t even around in 2004. The Tampa Tribune’s editor is Janet Coats, best known for endangering all of our lives by drunken driving. The Mountain Valley News is some little podunk crap rag that is mostly used to soak up vomit on bar room floors.

At least two of the newspapers endorsing McCain are first written in crayon before being typeset.

The Union Leader is notorious for its historically racist editorials, and personal vendettas. They would endorse anyone…and I mean ANYONE (insert historically demonized person here) if they were registered as a Republican.

The Boston Herald is about as credible as information written in the snow with urine. You don’t know who the heck wrote it, but you know it’s dirty, and really shouldn’t touch it.

UPDATE 11/2- taken from Editor & Publisher

240 papers for Sen. Obama (114 for Sen. McCain)

Montgomery Advertiser (K): 45,060
TimesDaily (Florence): 29,200
The Tuscaloosa News (K): 32,768

Anchorage Daily News (K): 62,893

The Argus (Fremont) (K): 26,749
Contra Costa Times (Walnut Creek) (K): 183,086
Daily Breeze (Torrance) (B): 66,599
The Daily Democrat (Woodland): 8,883
Daily News (Los Angeles) (K): 137,344
The Daily Review (Hayward) (K): 30,704
The Fresno Bee (K): 150,334
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (Ontario) (B): 53,903
La Opinion (Los Angeles) (K): 114,892
Los Angeles Times (N): 773,884
Marin Independent-Journal (K): 31,909
Merced Sun-Star (K): 15,015
The Modesto Bee (K): 78,001
The Monterey County Herald (K): 28,933
The Oakland Tribune (K): 96,535
Pasadena Star-News (B): 27,894
The Press Democrat (Santa Rosa): 78,022
Press-Telegram (Long Beach) (B): 85,595
The Reporter (Vacaville) (B): 17,751
San Gabriel Valley Tribune (B): 40,051
San Mateo Daily Journal: 14,800
Tahoe Daily Tribune: 7,723
The Record (Stockton) (B): 57,486
The Sacramento Bee (K): 288,755
San Bernardino County Sun (B): 54,315
San Francisco Chronicle (K): 370,345
San Jose Mercury News (K): 234,772
San Mateo County Times (K): 25,982
Santa Cruz Sentinel (K): 23,290
Tri-Valley Herald (Pleasanton) (B): 29,759

Aspen Daily News (K): 12,500
Aurora Sentinel (K): 46,000
Cortez Journal (K): 6,700
Daily Camera (Boulder) (K): 28,994
The Denver Post (B): 225,193
Durango Herald (K): 8,870
Fort Collins Coloradoan (K): 26,312
Vail Daily: 10,525

The Day (New London) (K): 34,730
The Hartford Courant (B): 168,158
New Haven Register (B): 72,613
Norwich Bulletin (K): 22,121

The News Journal (Wilmington) (K): 110,171

The Washington Post (K): 673,180

Daytona Beach News-Journal (K): 99,627
Florida Today (Melbourne) (K): 79,499
The Gainesville Sun (K): 44,658
The Ledger (Lakeland) (B): 65,948
The Miami Herald (K): 240,223
Naples Daily-News (B): 66,272
Orlando Sentinel (K): 227,593
The Palm Beach Post (West Palm Beach) (K): 164,474
Pensacola News Journal: 57,069
St. Petersburg Times (K): 316,007
Sarasota Herald-Tribune (K): 114,904
South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Ft. Lauderdale) (K): 218,286

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (K): 326,907
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (B): 42,830
The Macon Telegraph (K): 56,510

The Honolulu Advertiser (K): 140,331
Honolulu Star-Bulletin (K): 64,305

The Idaho Statesman (Boise) (K): 61,927

Chicago Tribune (B): 541,663
Chicago Sun-Times (K): 312,274
Daily Herald (Arlington Heights) (K): 143,152
Herald & Review (Decatur) (B): 34,480
Lake County News-Sun (Waukegan) (B): 16,899
The Pantagraph (Bloomington-Normal) (B): 47,764
The Register-Mail (Galesburg): 13,344
Rockford Register Star (K): 55,913

Journal and Courier (Lafayette-West Lafayette) (K): 34,545
The Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne) (K): 64,304
Palladium-Item (Richmond) (B): 15,453
The Star Press (Muncie): 31,512

IOWA (6)
The Des Moines Register (K): 138,472
Globe-Gazette (Mason City)(B): 17,666
The Hawk Eye (Burlington) (K): 18,921
Iowa City Press-Citizen (K): 13,352
The Ottumwa Courier: 16,904
Quad-City Times (Davenport) (K): 51,890

The Hays Daily News: 12,414
The Hutchinson News (K): 31,019

The Ledger Independent (Maysville): 9,074
Lexington Herald-Leader (K):109,624
The Courier-Journal (Louisville) (K): 215,328

The Times (Shreveport): 52,267
The Times-Picayune (New Orleans) (N): 179,834

Bangor Daily News (K): 55,627
Portland Press Herald (K): 64,938
The Times-Record (Brunswick ) (K): 9,317

The Sun (Baltimore) (K): 232,360

The Berkshire Eagle (Pittsfield) (K): 26,427
The Boston Globe (K): 350,605
Cape Cod Times (Hyannis) (B): 49,832
Daily Hampshire Gazette (Northampton): 18,001
The Recorder (Greenfield): 13,578
North Adams Transcript: 5,949
The Salem News: 29,125
The Standard-Times (New Bedford) (K): 30,306
Telegram & Gazette (Worcester) (K): 81,437

The Bay City Times (K): 30,183
Battle Creek Enquirer (K): 20,854
>>> The Daily Tribune (Royal Oak)
Detroit Free Press (K): 308,944
The Flint Journal (K): 76,288
The Lansing State Journal (K): 58,948
Livingston County Daily Press & Argus (Howell) (K): 13,131
The Muskegon Chronicle (K): 41,114
The Saginaw News (K): 39,143
>>> Traverse City Record-Eagle (K)

>>> Albert Lea Tribune
Post-Bulletin (Rochester): 44,631
St. Cloud Times (K): 25,868
Star Tribune (Minneapolis) (K): 321,964
>>> Winona Daily News

Columbia Daily Tribune (K): 18,131
The Joplin Globe (B): 26,700
The Kansas City Star (K): 252,785
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (K): 255,057

Billings Gazette (K): 45,530

Las Vegas Sun (K): 174,341
Reno Gazette-Journal (K): 57,423

Concord Monitor (K): 19,885
The Conway Daily Sun (Conway-North Conway)(N): 16,100
The Keene Sentinel (K): 12,119
Nashua Telegraph (K): 24,272
Portsmouth Herald (K): 11,658

Asbury Park Press (Neptune-Asbury Park) (B): 140,882
Courier-Post (Camden-Cherry Hill): 66,617
The Gloucester County Times (Woodbury) (K): 23,189
Home News Tribune (East Brunswick): 49,076
The Record (Hackensack) (K): 163,329
The Star-Ledger (Newark) (K): 345,130
The Times (Trenton) (K): 54,745

Las Cruces Sun-News (B): 21,341
The Daily Times (Farmington) (B): 17,485
The Santa Fe New Mexican (K): 25,249

The Buffalo News (K): 178,365
>>> Daily Freeman (N)
Daily News (New York City) (B): 703,137
The Daily Star (Oneonta) (K): 14,391
el Diario (K): 53,856
Hoy (New York City): 35,410
The Journal-News (White Plains) (K): 108,092
The New York Times (K): 1,077,256
The Post-Standard (Syracuse): 110,061
The Post-Star (Glens Falls) (K): 30,265
Poughkeepsie Journal (B): 37,265
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (K): 145,913
The Times Herald-Record (Middletown): 75,745
Times Union (Albany) (K): 89,256

The Asheville Citizen-Times (K): 50,160
The Charlotte Observer (K): 210,616
The Daily Reflector (Greenville) (K): 21,703
The Herald-Sun (Durham) (N): 32,845
The News & Observer (Raleigh) (K): 176,083
Star-News (Wilmington) (K): 47,620

OHIO (12)
Akron Beacon Journal (K): 119,929
The Blade (Toledo) (K): 119,901
Dayton Daily News (K): 116,690
JournalNews (Hamilton) (B): 19,432
Middletown Journal: 17,285
News Journal (Mansfield) (B): 28,272
Telegraph-Forum (Bucyrus): 5,969
The Repository (Canton) (B): 65,789
The Times-Reporter (Dover-New Philadelphia) (B): 22,428
Springfield News-Sun (K): 24,684
The Plain Dealer (Cleveland) (N): 330,280
Vindicator (Youngstown) (B): 56,412

Muskogee Daily Phoenix & Times-Democrat (K): 14,816
The Norman Transcript: 12,921

The Ashland Daily Tidings: 5,010
Corvallis Gazette-Times: 12,092
East Oregonian (Pendleton) (K): 9,071
The Daily Astorian (Astoria) (K): 8,263
Mail Tribune (Medford) (K): 30,349
The Oregonian (Portland) (K): 304,399
The Register-Guard (Eugene) (K): 67,400
Statesman Journal (Salem) (K): 47,152

Beaver County Times (K): 38,654
The Daily Item (Sunbury) (N): 24,879
The Daily Review (Towanda): 7,900
The Delaware County Daily Times (Primos-Upper Darby): 42,879
Erie Times-News (B): 55,397
The Express-Times (Easton) (B): 44,561
Herald-Standard (Uniontown) (K): 24,341
Intelligencer Journal (Lancaster): 46,357
The Mercury (Pottstown): 21,186
Observer-Reporter (Washington) (K): 31,755
The Patriot-News (Harrisburg): 95,588
The Philadelphia Daily News: 107,269
The Philadelphia Inquirer (K): 334,150
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (K): 214,374
Pocono Record (Stroudsburg): 18,276
Times Leader (Wilkes-Barre) (K): 38,229
The Times-Tribune (Scranton): 52,711
York Daily Record (B): 47,969

The Providence Journal (B): 139,055

Chattanooga Times (K): 71,716
The Commercial Appeal (Memphis) (K): 146,961
The Tennessean (Nashville) (K): 161,131

Austin American-Statesman (B): 170,309
The Eagle (Bryan-College Station): 21,654
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (B): 207,045
Houston Chronicle (B): 494,131
Longview News-Journal (K): 27,590
The Lufkin Daily News (K): 12,225
San Angelo Standard-Times: 24,919

UTAH (1)
The Salt Lake Tribune (B): 121,699

Bennington Banner (K): 6,502
Brattleboro Reformer (K): 8,814
The Burlington Free Press (K): 41,901
Valley News (White River Junction) (K): 16,430

The News Leader (Staunton) (B): 17,238

The Columbian (Vancouver) (B): 44,623
The News Tribune (Tacoma) (K): 111,778
The Olympian (Olympia) (K): 30,755
Seattle Post-Intelligencer (K): 129,563
The Seattle Times (K): 220,883
The Sun (Bremerton): 28,792
Tri-City Herald (Pasco-Kennewick-Richland) (K): 40,830
Walla Walla Union-Bulletin (K): 13,624
The Wenatchee World: 22,579
Yakima Herald-Republic (B): 38,077

Charleston Gazette (K): 48,061
The Herald-Dispatch (Huntington) (K): 27,463
Times West Virginian (Fairmont): 10,415

The Capital Times (Madison) (K): 16,335
The Chippewa Herald (Chippewa Falls) (B): 6,720
Kenosha News (K): 24,535
La Crosse Tribune (K): 31,759
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (K): 217,755
Stevens Point Journal: 11,234
>>> The Wausau Daily Herald (K)
Wisconsin State Journal (Madison) (B): 87,930


Obama Draws 100,000 at St. Louis Rally

October 18, 2008

That’s inspiration. That’s leadership. That’s Barack Obama.

In one of the largest crowds ever at a political rally in world history, St. Louis cheered for the man they want to lead them out of the turmoil created by 8 years of Bush rule. Senator Obama spoke to the crowd, residents of a normally ‘red’ state, giving them reason to be both enthused, and concerned about the upcoming election. This election is the most anticipated since the 1932, in which America also needed to change economic and foreign policy directions.

It is possible that somewhere between 65-70 percent of voters will turn out this general election, which would mark the highest turnout at least since 1960, if not the highest ever recorded. With such anticipation, it can be expected that the electorate is emotionally driven by some issues, and the number one issue is the economy. Senator Obama is seen as the clear leader on economic issues, and coupled with the desire voters have proffered about changing the nature of the presidency, it can be expected that he fits that brand as well.

Senator Obama has voiced his concerns over complacency, and the American voters need to be cognizant of it. No change can occur in a system without energy added, and we, as voters, have that unique ability to add energy into the system. We can change the momentum of a nation careening towards catastrophe, and correct its trajectory. We can inject energy into a stagnant nation and cause movement once again. We can change the future with a simple vote. But we must add that energy to make anything happen. Nothing happens without our input. Vote on November 4, or be complacent in the current trajectory of our nation.


Right Wing Talk Show Host Endorses Obama

October 17, 2008

Right Wing Talk Show Host Endorses Obama

The conservative movement continues to denounce John McCain, and moves towards supporting an unlikely candidate, Senator Obama. Michael Smerconish, best known perhaps for his unrelenting neoconservative views, and being a fill in for Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and Chris Matthews on his Philadelphia based program he stated:

“My conclusion comes after reading the candidates’ memoirs and campaign platforms, attending both party conventions, interviewing both men multiple times, and watching all primary and general election debates.

John McCain is an honorable man who has served his country well. But he will not get my vote. For the first time since registering as a Republican 28 years ago, I’m voting for a Democrat for president.”

Michael Smerconish, 10/17/08

This is just the most recent in a long line of endorsements for Senator Obama from the conservative movement. The highest profile conservative to endorse recently was the National Review founder’s son, Chistopher Buckley. Buckley was forced to resign from his father’s creation after endorsing Senator Obama in a passionate editorial. Others that have endorsed Senator Obama include Julie Nixon Eisenhower, Andrew Bacevich, Francis Fukuyama, Christopher Hitchens, Dorothy King, and Andrew Sullivan, among a host of others.

A short list of other notable conservatives endorsing Senator Obama

  • Jim Leach
  • Lincoln Chafee
  • Wick Allison
  • Jack Antaramian
  • Richard Riordan
  • Susan Eisenhower
  • Lilibet Hagel
  • Rita E. Hauser
  • Larry Hunter
  • Rear Admiral John Hutson, USN (ret.)
  • Douglas Kmiec
  • Tricia Mosley
  • Paul O’Neill
  • Frank Schaeffer
  • Lou Thieblemont
  • Lowell Weicker
  • Linwood Holton
  • Dennis Hopper
  • Jim Whitaker

Sen. Obama Makes Crowd Howl with Laughter

October 17, 2008

This is from the Alfred E. Smith Charity Dinner where Barack Obama put his wit on full display. Very funny, and worth the watch.

Part 1.

Part 2.