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Personally, I think drugging and raping 13 year old girls is wrong.

September 27, 2009
Polanski, who drugged and raped a 13 year old girl

Polanski, who drugged and raped a 13 year old girl

Call me crazy, but drugging and raping a 13 year old is kind of a bad thing. It’s kind of like…well, DRUGGING THEN RAPING A 13 YEAR OLD. There’s a lot of misinformation and urban legends surrounding Roman Polanski, but one thing is certain: he’s admitted to drugging and then raping a 13 year old.

Sure, Roman Polanski has had a hard life. His wife was murdered, and he grew up in Warsaw during the Second World War. He has had some bad circumstances in which to live. This isn’t lost on me—that’s a shitty hand to be dealt. What I also understand is that he hasn’t been in trouble since drugging and raping that 13 year old girl. That’s quite an achievement for someone who drugged then raped a 13 year old girl.

One thing about the drugging rape of the 13 year old girl that I used to believe was that the girl lied about her age. Hey, you know, it happens. So then Roman Polanski shouldn’t be punished for drugging and raping a 13 year old girl, he should be punished for drugging and raping a….wait a minute! That’s kind of bad no matter how you put it.

The kicker to the whole “she lied about her age” defense is that Roman Polanski asked the girl’s mother for permission to photograph her. So, unless we’re talking about a man who drugs and rapes 13 year old girls, but has maintained some kind of Victorian ethos about asking the mother for permission to photograph an adult daughter, Roman Polanski knew damn well that the girl he drugged and then raped was a minor.

Another urban legend out there is that Roman Polanski served his time, but a vicious, vengeful judge wanted to make an example of a celebrity who drugged and raped a 13 year old girl. It is true that Polanski served some time for the rape. He put in a solid 42 days of a 90 day psych evaluation for the rape, then once released from the psychiatric evaluation, he fled the country. According to a Washington Post article (September 20, 1977), Polanski “…was ordered imprisoned for a 90-day psychiatric study to help the judge decide his sentence.” That wasn’t his sentence, that was an evaluation. Polanski fled not because of an overzealous judge, but because his actual sentencing was coming up (for drugging, then raping a 13 year old girl).

Now that Polanski is in custody, there are going to be articles of support for him, and articles decrying his actions. There is going to be a lot of revisionist attitudes, and those old ‘Roman Polanski was the real victim’ bullshit arguments. One has already been put up on HuffPost. John Farr (some unknown hack who reviews movies for a living) wrote a piece calling for leniency for Polanski because he’s been ‘rehabilitated’. If by that he means living in the lap of luxury and completely avoiding being punished for drugging and raping a 13 year old, then yeah, he’s completely rehabilitated.

Please, for all that’s right in the world, think about this case. Think about a 13 year old girl being fed champagne and quaaludes by a 44 year old man. Think about how he led her to a bed, refused to stop when she repeatedly said “No!”, performed oral and anal acts upon her person, and think about his complete lack of spine. Think about how he fled the country to live in luxury. Think about it all.

Say it with me: He drugged and raped a 13 year-old girl.


The Palin Scandal Redux

July 4, 2009

Back in October, I wrote a little piece about Sarah Palin and her house–the links to the building supply company, the Wasilla Sports Complex, and all of the odd goings on. Well, it looks like it may be coming to a head. She’s resigning, and word on the street is that the Wasilla Sports Complex quid pro quo is the reason why. Let’s take a look at my October of 2008 post:

Massive Palin Scandal Brewing

h1 October 13, 2008 A scandal twice the size of Ted Stevens’ is brewing for Sarah Palin. No, it’s not the troopergate report, which in its own right is a monumental scandal, but one that hasn’t hit the mainstream media yet. This one’s a doozie. A half million dollar doozie.

Those of us who pay attention to the election with our proverbial telescopes and microscopes have all seen the pictures of Sarah Palin’s beautiful home overlooking a pristine Alaskan lake. It’s very picturesque, and enviable for most Americans. Now, it’s all the more idyllic if you believe the Palin’s–Todd built it himself, with his own two hands. What a nice image, but is that image the true one?

The home was constructed in 2002, right before Sarah Palin’s tenure as the director of Ted Stevens’ PAC, Ted Stevens Excellence in Public Service, Incorporated. Ted Stevens, you may recall, was indicted for taking a quarter of a million dollars worth of gifts in the form of construction on his Alaskan cabin, and there are potential striking similarities to Sarah Palin’s situation. Not only is it improbable that Todd Palin built an almost 4,000 square foot luxury home with a ‘couple of buddies’, but it is looking as though Todd Palin had very little to do with the construction other than supervision.

Remember the massive, and horribly overpriced sports complex that Sarah Palin pushed through in Wasilla? Well, it seems that the sports complex contractors and architect have strong links and ties to Palin. Spenard Building Supplies was one, and wouldn’t you know, they also supplied the materials for the Palin’s home. Sure, a small connection, but get this–Spenard also was the supplier for Ted Stevens cabin. This one building supply company is involved with Palin, Stevens, the Wasilla sports complex, and is a financial contributor to Palin. Keep in mind that the sports complex was being constructed at the very same time as the Palin’s home.

This connection is neither fleeting, nor minor. This appears to be a pattern of concurrent events that makes it more and more likely that the Palin’s home may have been some sort of quid pro quo arrangement for the massive influx of money into the building supply company. An area that could reinforce this connection would be if the architect of the Wasilla sports complex, Blase Burkhart (also a contributor to Palin), had anything to do with the construction of the Palin’s home.

Another interesting twist to the story is that Sarah Palin was, at the time, also running for Lieutenant Governor, a position that could further reward those contributing to her campaign, and those that were involved with the Wasilla sports complex and the construction of Sarah Palin’s home. We know that Alaska has been a bastion of corrupt political activities.

Spenard Building Supplies has connections to Ted Stevens indictment, but also the Murkowskis. They have been a major contributor to Murkowski’s daughter’s Senate run. Frank Murkowski was the center of a massive corruption probe, with his Chief of Staff, Jim Clark, being found guilty in a conspiracy involving Veco, the company at the center of the Ted Stevens corruption scandal. Spenard worked with Veco on Stevens cabin.

So, Sarah Palin’s home involves a company involved with Ted Stevens, Palin became the director of Ted Stevens PAC within months after the home was built, and there is a plausible quid pro quo with the involvement of the $12,500,000 Wasilla sports complex. These connections are proven with city, state  and court documents, the question now is whether Palin’s home had any amount of work contributed by Spenard, Veco, Burkhart, or any other contractors involved with the building of the Wasilla sports complex. My guess? There’s more to this story than has been uncovered so far. Todd Palin didn’t build a nearly 4,000 square foot luxury, lakeside home valued at over $500,000 by himself. Who helped him build it?

Sources for this entry include The Village Voice and StopThinkVote

Makes sense to me still. How about you?


The Undeniable Idiocy of Palin

October 31, 2008

Sarah Palin sometime just before, and just after saying something completely asinine

Celebrities are notorious for saying some of the most outrageously asinine things that can be imagined. Tom Cruise, the master of glibness, has a streak of about 20 years of this, as does Jon Voight. These aren’t sane men, at least not if their silly comments are a peek into their actual worldview, and not just moments of confusion in front of the cameras. It doesn’t matter what their political views are, bat-shit insane extends throughout the whole spectrum. We expect this from them, and the other people famous for memorizing lines of dialogue, but Sarah Palin? She has a special place in the bat-shit insane category–a place reserved for those that should know better, but are just far too dumb to understand.

Politicians seeking the highest offices of the nation are supposed to be intelligent. They need to have the wherewithal to analyze and solve problems of such magnitude that history is affected by their decisions. A sound base of understanding and capability to piece together the various doctrines set forth by the forefathers and the preceding great administrators of our democracy is absolutely mandatory to make such decisions. One of the most basic of these doctrines is the Bill of Rights.

We should be able to expect that someone put forth as a major party candidate has a firm understanding of the Bill of Rights. It’s only twenty seven amendments that need to be understood, and one of those was repealed, simplifying the task. With sixteen years in politics, no matter the level she was serving at, one could reasonably expect Sarah Palin to have a firm grasp of these simple concepts. However, she has fallen far short of reasonable expectation, and her latest insight into the Bill of Rights leaves us no doubt as to the level of idiocy she has attained.

For those that have refused to read, or even take a quick gander at the Bill of Rights, here’s the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

There’s six main points within the this amendment, so let’s just take “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech…”

Sarah Palin, in all of her glory, stated today:

If [the media] convince enough voters that that is negative campaigning, for me to call Barack Obama out on his associations, then I don’t know what the future of our country would be in terms of First Amendment rights and our ability to ask questions without fear of attacks by the mainstream media.

How monumentally idiotic is this statement? Not all of the marble quarries, in all of the countries on earth, could possibly provide the material to celebrate this idiocy with a monument fittingly large enough. It’s that convoluted, that moronic, and that far off from what the First Amendment deals with. We expect more from a major party nominee for Vice President.

Let’s just deal with her First Amendment right to free speech, for the time being. She has the right to say a lot of things–there is no denying this–and she’s speaking very, very freely. Some could argue that she’s even riding a fine line between free speech, and speech that is slanderous (per se). I won’t go into that here, as slander is tort law, and we’re just dealing with the First Amendment in a more pure state.

She hasn’t been stopped, by any party, from speaking. Many, if not most, of her speeches are televised, broadcast around the country, and the world, for billions to hear. There has been no speech filter placed between herself and the masses huddled in front of the evening news, and no attempt to stop her from spouting off what she wants to on the stages constructed for that purpose. Her freedom of speech has not only not been denied, it has been amplified far beyond the common person’s ability.

Her assertion that the the press is threatening her ability to exercise her freedom of speech is ludicrous. She cites the “fear of attack” by the ‘mainstream media’ as that threat to her freedoms. Nowhere in the First Amendment does it state, nor in any precedent, that the press cannot examine and analyze the speech made by an individual to the point of making that person fearful to speak freely. On the contrary, the press is guaranteed to do such things, right there after the individual’s right to the freedom of speech.

The press needs to be free to criticize Sarah Palin’s various opinions and statements put forth in order for our democracy to function well. It’s not a matter of getting her to stop speaking, or to dissuade her from do so, but to inform the general public of the veracity (or lack thereof) and implications of the various statements she makes. The freedom of the press, especially in disseminating information and opinion contrary to that which is put forth by our politicians, is not only in the best interests of the public, it is mandatory for the continuation of informed voting.

This cockamamie argument that the press labeling some of her speech as ‘negative campaigning’ is abridging her freedom of speech is not only wrongheaded, but a dangerous mischaracterization of the First Amendment. Her speech has not been infringed upon in the slightest, and to posit that criticism of her statements by the press is harmful to her First Amendment rights is laughable. That same press, that ‘mainstream media’ that she is attacking is the same press that gives her hour upon hour of coverage…in her own words. She could have even more camera time, if she so chose, but her ineptness as answering even the simplest of questions has made the McCain campaign limit the outlets of her free, and mind-numbingly foolish, speech.

Sarah Palin, spare us your horrifically idiotic interpretations of the First Amendment. Your ignorance knows no bounds. Your freedoms have not been threatened, but if you get elected all of our freedoms will be threatened by your idiocy.

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Red, White & MILF – A Sarah Palin Alt Rock Video

October 25, 2008

The song is by Figghole, and it sounds a lot like Cake. I love Cake. I love political satire. I lurv Figghole now.

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The Obama Campaign Worker That Was Actually Assaulted

October 25, 2008

With the Ashley Todd case looking as though it will live on in the memories of the more politically inclined of us, there is a case that was disregarded. The case was of a campaign worker in San Francisco who was, according to the police (who witnessed everything), slashed in the face by someone who disagreed with the candidate that the campaign worker supported. The worker wasn’t one of John McCain’s innocent little angels that have a mortal fear of anything colored beyond a slight mocha, but one of Barack Obama’s.

It was on August 28, San Francisco was under an excessive heat warning, the normal cooling off of the city by the cool ocean bay could only help so much. A worker for Senator Obama had received a permit to campaign in the city, and diligently had set up a table with pamphlets to help the cause just a little bit more.

San Francisco is wrongly considered a liberal bastion, impenetrable by anyone with even slightly conservative views. It has, in actuality, always been a battleground, of sorts, the more liberal majority only in the past thirty years taking hold on the cities policies. It is still contentious, and no ground is gained without conservative groups fighting what they perceive as the deviant and socialist tendencies of those that dream of a better world. The political landscape is just as foggy as the city’s weather, with only the sunny, more enlightened days getting highlighted by the conservative elements.

Market & Powell Street, overlooking the scene of blood and hatred.

It was towards the end of the day on that overheated Thursday. A 35 year old guy had set up his campaign swag at 5th and Market, where people exit the Powell Street BART station, ready for a day of shopping at Nordstrom or to catch a movie at the Century Theatre. About five blocks from the bay, it must have made the dissipating heat all the more bearable.

A couple of cops overlooked the scene, watching the end of the rush home after a long workday, and the very beginnings of the busy Thursday shopping night. It’s probably somewhat of a cushy place to beat their feet, worrying more of jaywalking and shoplifters than violent crimes. This night had a surprise in store for the cops, which probably isn’t as uncommon as they’d like. The docile campaign worker handed out pamphlets, talked to those interested, and went about his small piece of the election cycle, hoping to do just a bit of good.

A man approached. A tantrum of hate, slurs, and verbal berating rained down upon the campaign worker, spewing forth from the pedestrian. The campaign worker, according to the cops who approached the scene and overheard the conversation, thanked the vitriolic man for his opinion, and calmly asked him to leave. He did–he walked away, but only for a short while. He would return to ruin everyone’s night.

Storming back, the man pulled out a knife before anyone could act. The steel blade, probably still warm from the day’s heat and the owners body, traced a path across the Obama campaign worker’s cheek. That very slight delay between a bleeding slash, and the skin being parted probably hung in time, like many shocking moments do. The campaign worker became a victim of divisive politics, after being polite and patient with someone trapped in a mindset unfit for rational discourse.

An oasis of calm across from the busy Powell Street BART station

The police found the instinctive springs erupt in their joints, charging into action as the danger became clear. Their footfalls and heartbeats sped up, and if my experience with adrenaline is anything similar, the world’s noises hushed, and their target became the most vibrantly colored and focused object in their sights. They gained control of the man, but it’s unlikely they could control his hate.

One of the cops cuffed the perp, trapping the hand that wielded the steel blade in a steel of a different construction, one used to control rage, rather than let that rage explode into another’s flesh. The other cop, mindful of the blood and shock of the campaign worker, took him under their wing, rushing him to the hospital to tally the damage inflicted from a day meant to be spent informing the electorate, rather than becoming a symbol for the opponent’s attempts to wedge hate and fear within their hearts and souls.

In the wake of Ashley Todd’s false charge of some big, scary black man robbing her of money and political opinion, we should not only look at the misplaced passions that divisive politics creates, but also be mindful of the real victims that are out there, beyond the sensationalist push of McCain’s campaign. The politics of hate are still tumbling out of the mouth of John McCain, just as the politics of smear are bellowing from his running mate’s public address system and her frenzied crowds. This case should have been an early warning, but it went away just as fast as the swipe of the blade sliced the face of the Obama campaigner.

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Ashley ‘McCain Hoaxer’ Todd on Video & She’s Upset With Media!

October 24, 2008

Ashley Todd, the dumbest racist political hoaxer since Albizer the Racist of Phoenicia, circa 850 BCE

The reviling McCain campaign volunteer* is suddenly very upset with the media for creating a ‘political firestorm‘ over her allegations that she was beaten, robbed, sexually assaulted, and mutilated by a 6’4″ black man who did these things simply because she had a McCain bumper sticker on her car. Yes, that’s right, she is claiming that it’s the media’s fault that her hoax was talked about in the first place. This leaves me wondering what her motivation was to give herself a black eye, scratch a backwards B into her cheek, and report it to police? Could she have only been looking for attention amongst a small group of people with this obviously ill-prepared hoax? Of course not.

Not only did she quite obviously intend for this to get into the media, the McCain campaign themselves attempted to capitalize on this incident, not only publicizing that McCain and Gov. Palin had called her to see how she was, but apparently pushing the story to reporters! It makes me wonder how much of this was her own inspiration, and how much it was a group effort.

This is the same idiot that posted videos on YouTube complaining about a tall (maybe 6’4″?) black janitor that removed some signs that she had obviously not received permission to put up:

And here’s Ashley ‘ZOMG! I just got beaten up by a fake Obama supporter!’ Todd introducing herself:

I’m sorry McCain campaign, but she is simply more than just a ‘volunteer’. The responsibilities she listed are more in line with a paid employee of an organization affiliated with the campaign, not a straight volunteer.

*currently there is a debate evolving as to whether on not she had a paid position for a group that works for the McCain campaign

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Special Thanks to ‘Crooks & Liars’

October 23, 2008

I was included in the Crooks & LiarsMike’s Blog Roundup‘ for the Using Google Trends to Predict Election post. I would like to extend to them my appreciation, and a special thank you to Mike Finnigan. They have an extraordinary site, chock full of wonderful stories, incisive commentary, and an uncanny ability to tell it like it is.

Thanks again, guys. I appreciate it.

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