List of US Foreign Service Officers (Ret.) Endorsing Sen. Obama

October 26, 2008

The following list is compiled from a Declaration of Support for Senator Obama sent around the retired Foreign Service community. The people on this list represent thousands upon thousands of years of service in embassies and consulates around the world, in all manners of service to this great nation. There are bound to be any number who served their country in multiple capacities, some of which will never see the light of day. They were good at their jobs, and served honorably to represent the United States in all manners of peace and conflict. These are the diplomats, ambassadors, and foreign service professionals that followed in the steps of John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. Of those in the government that understand the tensions and dealings with foreign powers and various incendiary elements in the world, these are the cream of the crop.

Abbott, Luisa Jones, Ambassador George F. (Ret.)
Abbott, Wilson Lynn Jones, Ralph T.
Adair, Marshall Keene, Douglas R.
Ahlgren, Charles S. Keiswetter, Allen
Apsler, Ruby Kemper, Joseph M.
Arndt, Richard T. Kendall, Harry
Arnold, Terrell Kiesling, John Brady
Austin, Sheldon Kilgour, Mary C.
Ayers, Patricia Connor King, Wayne
Aylward, Rayna Kinzer, George
Bahl, Byron Korff, Michael
Baker, Robert Korky, Ann
Baldyga, Leonard Kuchel, Ambassador Roland K. (Ret.)
Bandler, Ambassador Donald K. (Ret.) Kushlis, Patricia
Barnes, Ambassador Shirley Elizabeth (Ret.) Kushlis, William J.
Barnett, Elizabeth LaGamma, Robert R.
Barry, Ambassador Robert L. (Ret.) Lambert, Lynne
Bathrick, David D. Lanpher, Ambassador Edward Gibson (Ret.)
Battle, Ambassador Vincent M. (Ret.) Laroche, Dick
Bay, Janice Friesen Latham Jr., Ernest H.
Beans, Timothy T. Lauderdale, Ambassador, Clint (Ret.).
Beebe, James Leidel, Ambassador Donald C. (Ret.)
Beecroft, Ambassador Robert M. (Ret.) LeMaistre, Alice
Bennett, David C. Lerner, Patricia J.
Benson, Raymond E. Levin, Ambassador Burton (Ret.)
Bentley, Robert Lewis, Ambassador Samuel (Ret.)
Berrington, Robin Lippe, Michael
Berry, Ann R. Loftus, Gerald
Bigge, Joan Lundin, John
Binns, Ambassador Jack R. (Ret.) Lundy, Walter A.
Bishop, Ambassador James K. (Ret.) Lyon, Ambassador David L. (Ret.)
Bitondo, Ron MacAlister, Robert J.
Blane, Dianne MacManus, Elizabeth Keys
Blaney III, Harry C. Magee, Ambassador Charles T. (Ret.)
Blodgett, Steve Mahan, Val
Booth, Richard Malloy, Edward M.
Bouton, Norman Mally, Alec
Bova, Michele Mandel, Pamela
Bowers, Gerard Marks, Ambassador Edward (Ret.)
Bresler, Ralph Martin, Thomas G.
Bridges, Ambassador Peter S. (Ret.) Martin, Thomas M.
Broderick, Amelia Fitzjohn Marwitz, Toni
Brungart, Robert Matheron, Ambassador Richard C. (Ret.)
Brynn, Ambassador Edward (Ret.) Matthews, Wade
Bumbrey, Sallybeth M. Mattox, Henry
Bumpus, James N. Maule, Robert W.
Burleigh, Ambassador A. Peter (Ret.) Maushammer, Robert J.
Butler, Letitia Kelly McCoo, Millie
Byrnes, Jill F. McGuire, Ambassador Kevin J. (Ret.)
Byrnes, Shaun M. McGuire, Harriet
Cahill, Ambassador Harry A. (Ret.) McKee, Richard
Calingaert, Michael McKniff, Joan
Carr, Robert K. McNeil, Ambassador Frank (Ret.)
Cecil, Ambassador Charles O. (Ret.) Meeks, Bill
Cheek, Ambassador James R. (Ret.) Meer, S. Ahmed
Cheshes, Ambassador Martin L. (Ret.) Miller, David Norman
Chester, George Molldrem, Vivikka
Chester, Geraldeen Monblatt, Steve
Chock, Alvin Keali’i Monk, Amy
Clark, Jennifer Monk, David B.
Clear, Taylor JESSE Moore, Alice
Coe, Robert Moser, Leo John
Coffey Jr., Fred A. Mueller, Richard W.
Cohen, David Murphy, Peter K.
Coker, Irv Murphy, Sandy
Coles, Julius E. Myrick, Ambassador Bismarck (Ret.)
Collins, Constance L. Nagy, Ernest
Conly, Jonathan Nance, William B.
Coon, Ambassador Carleton S. (Ret.) Nethercut, Richard D.
Coon, Ambassador Jane Abell (Ret.) Neuse, Margaret
Cooper, Ford Norris, James
Cotter, Ambassador Michael (Ret.) O’Connor, Thomas E.
Crigler, Ambassador Trusten Frank (Ret.) O’Donnell, Thomas J.
Cronk, Ambassador Edwin (Ret.) O’Farrell, Paul
Crumpton, Sandra Ann O’Neill, Rosemary D.
Curran, Robert T “Ted” Oakley, Ambassador Robert P. (Ret.)
Curtin, Leslie B. Oakley, Phyllis
Cutler, Ambassador Walter L. (Ret.) Oglesby, Donna Marie
Cutter, Curtis Olds, Suzanne
Czuczka, George Orley, Ray
Dameron, Ambassador William H. (Ret.) Palma, Carole
Darkins, William C. Parker, Donald
Davidson, Duane Parker, Norma J.
Davnie, William F. Patterson, Sue
Dawson, James W. Peasley, Carol
De Pree, Ambassador Willard A. (Ret.) Peck, Ambassador Edward L. (Ret.)

Darryl Penner

Dembro (née Mercurio), Sharon Perrin, Patricia E.
Dembro, Mark Perry, Ambassador Jack R. (Ret.)
Dembski, Sandy Piet, David
Demitz, Sherwood H. Pomeroy, Thomas Alexander
DiPaolo, Donna M. Pope, Ambassador Laurence (Ret.)
Doggett, Clinton Powers, Robert A.
Dolan, Daniel Precht, Henry
DuBose, Robert Presgrove, Barbara A.
Duline, Charlene C. Rackmales, Robert
Dunford, Ambassador David J. (Ret.) Ransom, Marjorie
Easum, Ambassador Donald B. (Ret.) Reeber, Mary K.
Ehmer, Paul Reinhardt, Ambassador John E. (Ret.)
Ehrman, James Richmond, Yale
Eicher, Peter Rose, Victoria
Eisenbraun, Stephen Ross, Sherman
Elam-Thomas, Ambassador Harriet (Ret.) Rucker, Robert L.
Ely, Michael E. C. Ryan, Henry B.
Engle, Ambassador Gregory W. (Ret.) Sandoval, Barbara
Fairchild, Albert E. Savage, John
Farley, Vincent Schacknies, Rosina
Farrand, Ambassador Robert W. (Ret.) Schaffer, Ambassador Howard B. (Ret.)
Ferch, Ambassador John A. (Ret.) Schertz, Mary Lou Kate
Fernandez, Aurelius Schiff, Stanley
Finberg, Donald Schoonover, Ambassador Brenda (Ret.)
Fischer, Ambassador David (Ret.) Schwartz, Deborah R.
Flannery, Terence Sebastian, Ambassador Peter (Ret.)
Fraenkel, Richard Segars, Ambassador Joseph M. (Ret.)
Frederick, David Senser, Robert A.
Fromowitz, Sam Serwer, Daniel
Fry, Samuel Sewell, Virginia
Gaines, William Sharpless, Ambassador Mattie R. (Ret.)
Garon, John Sheinbaum, Gilbert
Garon, Patricia Sinding, Monica Knorr
Gary, Phil Sinding, Steven W.
Gary, Viviann Singer, Derek
Gerlach, Frederick H. Smith, Ambassador Pamela H. (Ret.)
Gerson, Leslie Smith, Paul R.
Gong, Richard D. Spalding, Peter
Gorton, Lynn Spiro, Joel
Gosende, Robert R. Springer, Richard L.
Gould, Michael St. John, John J.
Grant, Gail Milissa Stahnke, Paul K
Gray, David L. Stefan, Adrienne
Gray, Victoria Stern, Robert
Gregory, Bruce Sterner, Ambassador Michael (Ret.)
Gregory, Jerry Stewart, Ambassador John Todd (Ret.)
Gulliksen, Gail Streeter, Alvin
Gunning, John Sundquist, Alexandra
Haahr, James C. Sutton, Gerald
Hamilton, Ambassador John R. (Ret.) Svengsouk, Thvanh
Hamilton, Donna Swain, Diana
Hardy Jr., Howard W. Takahashi, Lorraine
Harrod, John P. Taylor, Ambassador Clyde D. (Ret.)
Harrop, Ambassador William (Ret.) Tetro, Robert
Harter, John Tompkins, Tain
Hartley, Douglas G. Tomseth, Ambassador Victor L. (Ret.)
Hartman, Jan Tongour, Nadia
Harvey, Gerald W. Tonkin, Thomas
Hatton, Charla Troy, Carl
Head, Al Tuch, Hans N.
Heaphy, Eileen M. Turner, Linda
Hill, Ambassador H. Kenneth (Ret.) Usrey, Gary
Hirsch, Ambassador John L. (Ret.) Vaughn, Arthur A.
Hoganson, Jerome Villareal, G. Claude
Holfeld, Joyce M. Vincent, John
Holmes, Brooke Virden, Dick
Holmes, John W. Von den Steinen, Erwin
Hornblow, Michael Weinland, Helen
Houlahan, J. Michael Wells, Sharon
Howard, Barbara D Wheeler, Evelyn
Huggins-Williams, Nedra White, Robin L.
Hughes, David Wilder, Carol
Humphreys, Liam Jackson Williams, Albert N.
Hutcheson, James W. Williams, Ambassador Richard (Ret.)
Huxtable, John A. Williams, Nicholas
Illing, Robert Wilson, Dwight
Irving, Ambassador Frederick (Ret.) Wolcott, Peter
Jacobs, Morris E. Wood, Susan
Johnson, Ambassador Darryl N. (Ret.) Wozniak, Robert
Johnson, Charles N. Wright, Jr., Lacy A.
Johnson, Joe B. Zelle, Susan W.

The length of this list is impressive, but moreso is the great service these men and women have performed for this great nation.

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  1. The list is long, but many names are missing, especially mine. Darryl Penner, USIA, 1967-2004 Please get my name on the list. Thank you.

  2. I have added your name, and confirmed the name through the January, 1984 Department of State ‘Key Officers of Foreign Service Posts’ guide (page 61). Thank you for your support of Senator Obama, but more importantly, thank you for your service.

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