Wasilla Project Examines Palin’s ‘Fiscal Conservatism’

October 24, 2008

This is a great mini documentary about Palin’s time as Mayor of Wasilla, and the exploding debt she left the small town with. Somewhere between $22.5-25 million of debt now rests on the small town, when the town had no debt when she came into office. Abuse of power is alleged by some interviewed, as well as a blatant disregard for needed projects in favor of extraneous pet projects that now cost the town more than they can afford.

Video by Wasilla Project

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One comment

  1. This is a great video. It shed some light on issues that people may not even be aware of. How can people vouch for Republicans when there is a chance this woman will be the second most powerful figure in America? People must think “yeah, she doesn’t know much about the economy, or how to run a state, or foreign policy- you know, “governmenty” stuff. But she’s an outsider who means well.” I doubt her maverick ploy is fooling the majority. Or maybe I’m too hopeful.
    Some good journalism on the part of whoever pursued this information.

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