Ashley ‘McCain Hoaxer’ Todd on Video & She’s Upset With Media!

October 24, 2008

Ashley Todd, the dumbest racist political hoaxer since Albizer the Racist of Phoenicia, circa 850 BCE

The reviling McCain campaign volunteer* is suddenly very upset with the media for creating a ‘political firestorm‘ over her allegations that she was beaten, robbed, sexually assaulted, and mutilated by a 6’4″ black man who did these things simply because she had a McCain bumper sticker on her car. Yes, that’s right, she is claiming that it’s the media’s fault that her hoax was talked about in the first place. This leaves me wondering what her motivation was to give herself a black eye, scratch a backwards B into her cheek, and report it to police? Could she have only been looking for attention amongst a small group of people with this obviously ill-prepared hoax? Of course not.

Not only did she quite obviously intend for this to get into the media, the McCain campaign themselves attempted to capitalize on this incident, not only publicizing that McCain and Gov. Palin had called her to see how she was, but apparently pushing the story to reporters! It makes me wonder how much of this was her own inspiration, and how much it was a group effort.

This is the same idiot that posted videos on YouTube complaining about a tall (maybe 6’4″?) black janitor that removed some signs that she had obviously not received permission to put up:

And here’s Ashley ‘ZOMG! I just got beaten up by a fake Obama supporter!’ Todd introducing herself:

I’m sorry McCain campaign, but she is simply more than just a ‘volunteer’. The responsibilities she listed are more in line with a paid employee of an organization affiliated with the campaign, not a straight volunteer.

*currently there is a debate evolving as to whether on not she had a paid position for a group that works for the McCain campaign

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  1. Such typical GOP trash … will not work this time. Only possible hope for this gang is to steal votes through crooked politicians …. and as already proven before … rigged and stolen vote counts. Let’s pray not … as we have seen the results of the total theft and destruction of this country over the past 8 years. All under the guise of Anti-abortion; no gun control; no gay rights; lower taxes; Christianity; and flag waving. Wake up people … you are absolutely being deceived : bought and paid for by the GOP Big Business.

  2. I kind of felt sorry for this lost, angry little CHILD before I saw this video! What is wrong with this girl! Does she even know what kind of hatred and possible violence she could have spread with these kinds of accusations! I have been to Obama rally’s and he won’t even allow you to boo! What kind of monsters have we unleased for this election!

  3. I hope her actions have consequences. The fires she deliberately unleashed should not be ignored. What are the legal consequences to assaulting yourself and then blaming it on ‘the made up black man’ saying he was an Obama supporter? Surely there have to be consequences for her actions?

    I want to hear about the consequences! Otherwise, we should just all go out there and wrongfully blame others for assaulting us. :-(

  4. I can’t help but notice how over-the-top WEIRD these McCain supporters are. What’s that about the company you keep?

  5. Thanks for those videos, plaidlemur. What a creep. And yesterday before we found out this was a hoax, I saw posts all over WordPress blogs of people trashing the Obama campaign, etc.

    I did a post about Ashley today and am going to link to your post. Those videos of Ashley are a great supplement.

  6. girldujour, I think it’s the more hateful and dumb your company is, the smarter you look…lol.

    pishposh, thanks for the link–the videos are kind of strange to watch because of the slight insight they give to her twisted mind. Her hate for the janitor, who was just doing his job, and her calmness in the introduction video is such a nice contrast to her tortured mind’s outlandish ideas.

  7. Pretty pathetic, lame chica. As a self-promoted advocate for the McCain campaign, this little loser demonstrates gain the complete lack of ethics we have seen demonstrated by the GOP supporters over the last 7 years or so. Oh, by the way, filing a false police report of a crime is a crime in itself. Hopefully they’ll prosecute her appropriately for her devious and stupid little scheme.

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