McCain ‘Bumper Sticker’ Beating – Hoax!?

October 23, 2008

Alleged victim of a brutal assault resulting in a black eye, and a gently carved 'B' in the cheek.

That’s right, it appears that the Pittsburgh police are investigating the case of the McCain volunteer who claims she was beaten and robbed and had a ‘B’ carved into her cheek, and it may be a hoax.

The alleged victim claims that she was at an ATM in Pittsburgh when the alleged assailant approached her, robbed her of $60, then, noticing she had a McCain bumper sticker, beat her, and carved a ‘B’ into her cheek with a knife. As the photo indicates, the assailant must have done the deed very carefully, as not to cause permanent damage. The incident, although it had been claimed to happen right near the ATM, shows no evidence of the assault on the ATM’s security camera.

If Ashley Todd’s claims are false, this could be a media nightmare for the already beleaguered campaign that many charge with untruths meant to show their opponent as a terrorist and child molester.

A curious aspect to the photograph is the ‘B’ is backwards, as if the assailant carved the letter into the alleged victim’s cheek while looking in a mirror. More on this story as the investigation continues. Check back early, and often.

UPDATE: She definitively hoaxed it, according to police. She’s a scourge on society, and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. What a psycho.

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  1. The B is not backwards if it was made while the victim was on the ground and the assailant was kneeling over her head. The B could be upside down instead of backwards. Rotate the photo 180 degrees.
    Doesn’t mean it isn’t a hoax… just means the “backwards” B proves nothing.

  2. Which is possible, ESSWIMMER, but unlikely. The assailant would have then had to have held down the victim with one free hand, without the likelihood of the knees on the shoulders (access to the area would be greatly diminished if the knees were on the shoulder). The normal mode of holding a person on the ground for a normal thug (and have a hand free) would be to be in the high mounted position, which unfortunately I’ve had happen. It’s possible that the assailant did otherwise, but it would be uncommon and wouldn’t give the needed freedom of movement to the assailant while doing something like carving a letter into a cheek.

    That’s my take–I could very well be wrong though.

  3. You’re all looking into the B too much.

    Take it from someone who’s done 5 years medical school and 3 years nursing.

    Simple things show this as being false.

    The “B” can easily be shown not have been carved in by a knife. Look at the “cuts” itself. No swelling around them, they don’t even look scabby for a fresh cut. Cut a little B into yourself and notice it swells around the tiniest bit.

    The black eye is horrible and clearly just some makeup. There is no visible bruising/swelling around the eye, just under the eye. Also, if she had been hit in the eye in anyway, her eyes would have been bloodshot and vessels would be visible. She looks fresh just like out of a shower.

    Then denial of medical treatment? That’s pathetic. After getting apparently carved by some guy with a knife and getting knocked to the ground? Why would you deny medical treatment?

    Oh and the ATM cameras apparently show this being a load of crap.

    This woman has everything against her. Then again, desperate times call for desperate measures huh?

  4. One possibility:

    She got into a spat with her boyfriend (over politics?) and she got a shiner in the process. Then she did the B thing by looking in a mirror and scratching her cheek lightly with, say, the tip of a nail file, and reported that she’d been mugged.

    Just enough truth in there…

  5. The B looks more like it was created with a finger nail than a knife blade.

    But then, where did the black eye come from?

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