How Dumb is Sarah Palin? This Dumb.

October 23, 2008

Okay, so it’s de rigueur to bash Sarah Palin. It’s become somewhat of an American political past time in these past two months, with no end in foreseeable sight. She just may have become the butt of jokes 100 years hence, with even the future robot lords of a human-less earth synthesizing digital laughs at her amazing ability to be more clueless than a 3 hertz processor with no data to process! Seriously, it’s gotten that bad.

Maybe it’s a bit overboard, but she does seem absolutely incapable of making even small decisions that make any sense whatsoever. The best illustration of an undeniably clueless act (as of exactly right now, while I’m writing this. Another has probably occurred while writing) was at a rally a couple days ago–she was wearing a Democratic activism scarf. I kid you not. Sarah Palin, hater of all things liberal, denier of evolution, man made climate change, and claimant to the throne of intolerance was wearing a ‘Vote Democrat’ scarf. A keffiyeh, if you want to make it even more hilarious.

Anti-American Sarah Palin hints at desired loss for campaign, 'Vote Democratic' she subconsciously urges. (Image credit to Jezebel)

That’s pretty dumb. I can’t help but wonder if she knows the difference between the Republican elephant and the Democratic donkey. The imagery on the scarf is pretty blatant, it’s not like it’s an M.C. Escher print, where it can take a few seconds to figure out what’s really going on. This scarf is quite obviously a bunch of Democratic Party donkeys, some of which are urging the admirer of the political apparel to vote. No big mystery, no crazy, confusing patterns–just donkeys and the Red, White, and Blue.

Add this onto the growing list of ‘Sarah Palin Being a Dumb Ass’, which is fitting considering the scarf.

For all of you conspiracy theorist who are claiming that this is not Sarah Palin, here’s something for you to get those words into your mouth:

This is a Getty image, taken by Max Whittaker. It's Gov. Palin, stop your "it's not her!" whining now.

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  1. You’d think that for $150,000 they could’ve gotten her one with the correct party on it. Could someone with half a brain please help this poor woman?

  2. The ultimate Maverick

  3. My friend in Texas told me that a man in the parking lot of a polling place was telling people to vote for Obama and pull the straight Democratic lever. That would result in a vote for McCain. If you tell the machine to make an exception for president and vote all other races Dem, you vote for McCain, the only non-Dem candidate on the ballot. The precinct supervisor came out to talk to him, and the man ran and got into a car with McCain-Palin stickers and drove off. It was reported on the local TV news. Look out for GOP dirty tricks. As though calling Obama a terrorist wasn’t enough of a dirty trick.

  4. Bolding and light editing by ‘plaid lemur’:

    blah, blah, republican talking points, blah, blah, republican talking points, blah, blah, republican talking points, blah, blah, republican talking points, blah, blah, republican talking points, blah, blah, republican talking points, blah, blah, republican talking points, blah, blah, republican talking points, blah, blah, republican talking points, blah, blah, republican talking points, blah, blah, republican talking points, blah, blah, republican talking points, blah, blah, republican talking points, blah, blah, republican talking points, blah, blah, republican talking points, blah, blah, republican talking points, blah, blah, republican talking points, blah, blah, republican talking points. Your article made for a good laugh, blah, blah, republican talking points, blah, blah, republican talking points, blah, blah, republican talking points.

    Thanks Matt! I aim to please!

    The great maverick who professes his military career as substance for being elected which I find humor in how do you do something great for your country when you spend 5 years of you enlisted 6 as a prisoner? If you know where Bin Ladin is why the hell haven’t you helped your country catch him instead of shedding innocent soldiers lives and spending the countries money on a worthless war?
    And is Palin is such a great Joe six pack normal one of us why aren’t her children is school? She can see Russia does she know where Alaska came from? There are so many wonders they know nothing about but acting like kindergartens complaining Obama has the swing.. No shit you want those keeping you safe at night??? Like turning over the country to mental patients at you home town local insane asylum!

  6. Okay, I see how it is. It’s perfectly acceptable for you to post your opinion, but my opinion is deleted. Are you afraid to let people see what I wrote? I have never deleted comments from people on my blogs regardless of whether or not they agreed with me. Does anybody else see what’s going on here?

  7. Your opinion wasn’t deleted, it was merely enhanced.

    We’ve all heard the Rezko/Wright/Ayers stuff until our ears have bled, it’s okay, we’re well aware of the silly claims. How about John McCain personally giving money to the Contras, who had death squads torment the mountain villages on the Honduran/Nicaraguan border? How about McCain’s involvement with the U.S. Council for World Freedom, the group founded by former Nazi collaborators, and a group intimately involved with the Contras and those very death squads? It hit the news, ever so briefly, but he’s been given a free pass on it. You want your opinion heard? Go someplace they care about some extraneous relationships with people that had their charges dropped by the police, not here, where I care about more important matters, like getting back our constitutional rights, and making sure everyone gets basic healthcare.

  8. How could any reasonable person support McCain/Palin when he has so aptly let us know he can’t even pick a winner for V.P.? What other screwy decisions might he make?

  9. Right, Alfred? His one big decision on the campaign trail, and he goes and flubs it beyond any metric. Maybe he’d make Keating a bank regulator?

  10. Someone should ask, If you guys spend a $150,000 on clothing, and make-up what would you spend to have a good time? Us regular Americans can’t afford to live like that. So whose an adverage everyday hockey mom?

  11. Absolutely Ridiculous!!!

  12. Sorry Bristol, Willow, Bark & Nutmeg… mommy has no time for you these days. She’s too busy trying to correctly pronounce ‘nuclear’

  13. […] we really want our first female in office to be Sarah Palin?  Why would we take a bumbling crazy lady who does not represent a majority of women AND is not qualified.  Do we want America to […]

  14. She has a budget of $150,000 just for clothes , an image consultant , hair and makeup people , and a valet . She has more coaches than the Yankees to guide her mouth , and she still stumbles like this ? She’s cute though with her 60s hairdo … I’d do her .

  15. Watch the markets. They will be closely related to the margin that Obama is ahead of McCain…..

  16. So you can take a pic of the scarf, but not her face? Gimme a break this site is a joke.

  17. Why don’t you show the whole face in the picture? Could be Tina Fey…. The Palin bashing is childish. If the Democratic party was serious about electing someone who was qualified and not just an eloquent speaker, they should have chosen Biden not Bob. Tax those higher income individuals who employ the middle class, and you jeopardize more middle class jobs….who ever got hired by a poor guy? Why would John McCain run for office? He served, spent 5 years in solitary as a POW, became a senator and married a millionairess. The guy flat out wants to make this country better. Ask yourself, what’s Obama’s motivation….

  18. this isn’t by any chance the same photographer who took the picture of her in the flag bikini (another fake)?

  19. What, the RNC gets outed for dropping 150K on her wardrobes, and now Palin has to dress herself? I’m not sure I want her “gettin’ in there with the senators and making all sorts of good policy changes” if she can’t even distinguish a donkey from a freaking (horse maybe?).

    Notice McCain isn’t claiming to have the better judgment of the two candidates.

  20. Is this really Sara Palin?

  21. Sarah Palin is going to name her next child “Zambonie.”

    Todd will probably misspell it on the birth certificate and the official name will be “Zombie.”

    Palin is about as dumb at the woman who claimed she was mugged by an Obama supporter in Pittsburgh. I’m hoping one of the Pittsburgh mudflatters can update us all. My own opinion on that fine allegation on my blog.

  22. Ohio is the home of the American Quarter Horse. The animal on her scarf looks more like a horse to me than a donkey. (I grew up in Ohio and owned Quarter Horses). BTW: I am a Democrat and really get tired of trivial character insults from BOTH parties.

  23. Does anyone have a different picture of Palin wearing this scarf that shows her entire face or information as to which event she wore it at? I am not 100% convinced it is her. It would not totally surprise me if is was, just not sure based on this photo. Don’t get me wrong folks… Palin is completely unfit for VP or President. I still can’t believe she is as close as she is to the White House! I will be voting for Barack, have donated my time and money to his campaign as well. Is she really that stupid to wear that scarf!!!

  24. Sarah Palin is neither politically or intellectually suited to be Vice President much less President. There are many theories about her selection. I hope after the election we get a clear, unambiguous and non-biased picture of just what was behind the selection.

  25. Are you sure that is her? Why not show the face as well in the picture?? Could it be well maybe that is not her??? Come on Sheeple wake up!!!

  26. itd be nice if you had proof it was her.

    could you at least have photoshopped her face in?

    and i dont think its stupid.

    we shouldnt vote for republicans or democrats but for the best candidate. {McCain since Obama has consistently lied and used charisma to win people over. all the presidents people like and who seems so amazing always end up a disappointment. pick the guy that knows what he doing, McCain}

  27. Does this mean that the RNC, when they gave her the impressive wardrobe allowance, accidentally gave money to the Democratic Party by purchasing this scarf? That’s funny. A little joke they played on Sarah’s shopper at some New York liberal clothing store Sarah wouldn’t ever actually go into herself.

    We don’t have donkeys and elephants to compare here in Alaska. I’m a Maverick. I don’t have to know stuff like which animal is the symbol of my political party and which animal is the symbol of the rival political party.

  28. Oh please. W. was and remains an idiot, but the American populace elected him twice! Well, sort of. I guess it really depends upon to whom you speak.

    Regardless, I think we are seeing in Gov. Sarah Palin the makings of the next big thing in the Republican Party. The Party has made it clear over the past 30 years that intelligence is not welcome (it’s way too elitist for even their own people) -see Reagan, Dan Quayle and W. The Party has made it clear that it will turn on its own if they don’t stand by the right-wing-evangelical base – see McCain 2000, Colin Powell and a host of now-supporting-Obama right-wing columnists.

    I’m telling you here and now: Palin is the future of the Republican Party and DO NOT be surprised if we don’t see her again in four years.

  29. oops. my first comment is awaiting moderation.

    that means that if the you dont like my opinion you can liberally and democratically suppress it.

    can someone open the supposedly already opened eyes of “non-conservative” america?

  30. I think the Republicans honestly think that with Obama in office we are more likely to get hit by another “attack on American Soil” and they want us to elect him so that we will get hit by said attack and that this will “really show us” why we NEED Republicans. Jesus Christ help us!

  31. Too bad Palin didn’t get the opportunity to run with George W. where she would be almost equally well informed, smart and articulate…

  32. Yeah slow down there Forkboy, I wouldn’t go as far as to say Bush won either election. He did however have the richest friends. Get er done.

  33. For all of you who question whether this is Sarah Palin–let me assure you, it is 100 percent, absolutely her. Some of you are really, really into conspiracy theories, aren’t you? Why would someone photoshop that, of all things…


  34. Hmmm… why doesn’t the photo show her FACE? Makes one think that some unscrupulous person (naw… not around here, right?) could be SAYING that’s Palin while it’s not really her!

    C’mon, let’s really get truthful, huh? Show the whole photo!

  35. Nice try, but that is NOT a photograph of Sarah Palin

  36. The writer is the one that’s stupid. That’s NOT Sarah Palin wearing the scarf. I can hardly wait for heaven to arrive. No more diatribes from these extremists, vitreol, hatred of others, and all the fraud, graft and corruption that both parties are dumping on the American people by the ship load.

  37. Forget McCain Palin for President! That will solve the economic crisis.

  38. “Sarah Palin is going to name her next child ‘Zambonie.’

    Todd will probably misspell it on the birth certificate and the official name will be “Zombie.'”

    Well, at least you got “misspell” right. The correct spelling, Toddified or not, of the ice resurfacing machine is “Zamboni.”

    Wish I could see more of that scarf – maybe the parts I can’t see have elphants on ’em.

    What I really want to know is why someone with more than a million in assets needs to be given (“loaned,” whatever) $150K in clothing…

  39. scmrak, that scarf has only donkeys on it.

    Here’s some more images at Getty:


  40. http://blog.newsweek.com/blogs/stumper/archive/2008/10/23/Palin-Donkey-Scarf-Origins-_2800_Sort-of_2900_-Explained-by-Photographer.aspx

    Yeah it’s not her. ROFLMAO, It smells like sheep in here?

  41. Unfortunately for the sheep, the shepherd and the sheep dog are insane and wandering without a clue.

  42. ” You’d think that for $150,000 they could’ve gotten her one with the correct party on it. Could someone with half a brain please help this poor woman? ”
    by Jennifer Richards October 23, 2008 at 7:26 pm

    “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.”
    –Albert Einstein

  43. Failen Palin is killing me! Cant believe she is even alowed to speak! Way to pick a rooky McCain! Her statements about abortion and terrorism are way over the top! http://www.northernvox.com

  44. I am loving the choice of Sarah Palin more and more, as I want Obama/Biden to win.

  45. My thirteen-year-old sister didn’t understand what was wrong when I showed her this post.

    Which leads me to think that Palin has the intelligence of a thirteen-year-old.

    Comment by ‘plaid lemur’:

    One of the best user names I’ve ever seen! You made me laugh pretty hard with that one. Funny movie

  46. It is quite evitable that Palin wants to be President and not Vice President, and I think McCain would have a hard time keeping her big mouth shut. Why spend all that money on clothes? Green means buy your clothes at the Goodwill Store. We know where our money will go (what little we have left) if those two are elected! VOTE FOR OBAMA/BIDEN!

  47. […] How Dumb is Sarah Palin? This Dumb. Okay, so it’s de rigueur to bash Sarah Palin. It’s become somewhat of an American political past time in […] […]

  48. Ha! In her defense, maybe she thought the scarf was encouraging hunters everywhere to vote, and to her, prey is just prey. God did give man dominion over animals, right?

    But seriously, let’s keep this fool out of the White House – Obama/Biden 08!!

  49. kmiffitt,

    That’s just hilarious! I love my readers, even the ones that I have to delete their posts…you should see some of those!

  50. Oh yeah? If she’s so dumb how could she write such a great inaugural address? Check out an advance copy:


  51. lol, abstractplane, that’s pretty good!

    I happened across Bush’s original address about the economy that he wrote himself:


  52. No matter what that scarf has on it, it’s butt ugly. I think Cindy McCain picked it out. She was tired of Palin getting all the ‘hotness’ points.

  53. She really really is dumb…

    So is this chick…


  54. she’s just demonstrating how she is a “Washington outsider” (you have to be an outsider…way outside…not to know the difference between the Republican elephant and Democrat donkey) and how she will get in there and “mix things up” you know, since the VP is in charge of the Senate…

    That’s her bipartisan, fancy pageant walkin’ scarf.

    Obama-Biden 2008!

  55. anyone voting for Obama or Mccain is stupid, with Mccain you get the same old idiocy and Obama you get Communism. If you dont believe me, think rationally about obama, read his history and try to plot ahead what he will do. Thank you ingorant americans.

    Comment by ‘plaid lemur’:

    Yes, yes…we are so ‘ingorant’. Go ahead, call us ‘morans’.

  56. That is hilarious. Maybe she did it on purpose, to show her, um…no, I have nothing.

  57. lol katia!

  58. Dear friend,

    you know that we had our different views on certain political subjects I have to ask you for a favor.

    The polls are really looking bad for me and Sarah and God knows what we tried to change the opinion of the American people but Obama has powerful friends in the Muslim world who are sitting on our oil and squeezing the remaining Dollars out of the hands of our middle class.

    I am desperate. I tried everything but the Arabs’ money is just too much. I fear, Obama will win the elections if not a miracle happens.

    So I beg you to help me, be a white patriot at least and support me and Sarah. You know that my campaign has proof Obama is not a natural born American citizen and therefore can not be elected president. The Democrat Philip J. Berg and Michael Savage found out that Obama lied about his birth certificate but nobody listens.

    I appeal to your honor as member of our white race to support us and spread everywhere that Obama is not a natural born American. It’s my last hope to safe America from Muslims and Negroes after my campaign failed to bring the information to the American people that Obama is a Muslim, a terrorist friend and a guaranteed tax raiser.

    Don’t be a cunt, help me!

  59. Palin represents a temporary triumph of appearance over substance. She was hastily chosen for all the wrong reasons, and the Republican campaign is now paying the price.

    Let’s give her some credit: in addition to being terrifying, she’s also an endless source of amusement. I suggested on my blog that the word “palin” should be added to the dictionary as a verb: “I didn’t study for my test and tried to palin it but the prof realized I didn’t know what I was talking about.”


  60. […] other Palin news: The other day, Sarah wore a “Vote Democratic” scarf to a rally.  No, this is not a joke, or […]

  61. How can ANY of US HONESTLY choose to put this woman in ofice, evan as second in command ? She is just a puppet and a poorly rehearsed one at that. We deserve better than someone who can mimick the same reason the taliban sought to target us…”It is GOD’s will… that we are in IRAQ…” ( her words)…#1 we are not ‘at war’ with any country, #2 someone should have paid me the $ to make her look like the clown she is, #3 as americans we need to pull together and make THE choice to put people in office that ARE not going to feed us doublespin backtalk and make promises they have no clue of how to keep…and the people like palin supported someones nice little war, so much for being the ‘family president’ all he has done is cause families to be broken by the sorrow of loss for his precious little war….WAKE UP AMERICA !

  62. I think its photoshopped :P

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