Empty Chairs-A New Protest Song By Ronnie Ray and Wiismax

October 23, 2008

Ronnie Ray Jenkins and Wiismax don’t have all the latest technology. They don’t sit in the ultra modern music recording studios of the corporate music industry, but they have something that those studios can’t capture–authenticity. I first heard Ronnie Ray Jenkins and Wiismax in the song ‘The Ballad of Caribou Barbie’, a great take on the VP running mate of John McCain. That song made me chuckle, of course, but this song, ‘Empty Chairs’ speaks in a more passionate voice with a far more lamentable tone.

These guys aren’t Joan Baez, or Bob Dylan, but something tells me they aren’t trying to be. They want to voice their concerns and frustrations, just like the rest of us. Support Ronnie Ray Jenkins and Wiismax, he’ll thank you for your patriotism.

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  1. Nice song. Luv it..

  2. Thank you for your patriotism, Plaid.

  3. Hey, Ronnie Ray!

    Guys, that’s the artist–please check out his website for all his other songs. Some are funny, some are serious, and some are just plain good.


  4. what a great song

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