Senator Obama – Highest Favorable Rating of Candidate Ever

October 21, 2008

Sen. Obama Has record high favorable ratings while Senator McCain languishes because of his hyperbolic negative attacks

In the 28 year history of the CBS poll on candidate favorable/unfavorable ratings, Senator Obama (D-IL) has the highest favorable rating of any candidate running for their first term. The 53 percent favorable (to 33 percent unfavorable) puts him ahead of even Ronald Reagan before his first presidential win, an amazingly lopsided victory in 1980. This bodes well for the Senator’s campaign, as they lead in national polls, and electoral college projections.

The McCain campaign is reeling from criticism of their anything goes campaign style, including anything from leveling false charges against the organization ACORN, to equating their opponent to a terrorist, even in official campaign meetings with reporters present. Furthermore, the McCain campaign received more bad news with the same CBS poll showing Sarah Palin as having the highest unfavorable rating in the known history of Vice Presidential candidates at 41 percent negative, even lower than the one time king of negative ratings, Dan Quayle.

Senator McCain is also faring poorly in the view of the public, with only 36 percent viewing him favorably, and a very high 45 percent viewing him unfavorably. Much of this can probably be credited to the backlash that negative campaigning often brings, and the vigor and tone of his negative attacks has been widely considered some of the harshest and most outlandish negative campaigning seen in the last fifty years. Such tactics generally bring both candidates favorable ratings down, and their unfavorable up, but the attacks have been wholly ineffective on his opponent, while greatly dampening his ability to connect with the voters.

Gov. Palin now holds the record for the the highest unfavorable ratings for a Vice Presidential candidate, surpassing Dan Quayle

This should be a very loud and stern message for future campaigns, as what the American people seem to be hearing is attacks that are not only hilariously out of touch with reality, but so ill mannered and hateful as to render them ineffective. Subtlety has not been the order of the day from the McCain campaign, as their choice of attack is generally shouted, in no uncertain terms, over public address speakers and advertisements comprised of allegations so heinous as to make prostitutes blush.

Senator Biden, the golden child of Wilmington, has also benefited greatly over the past couple of months, with his favorable rating at 50 percent. Such a favorable rating for a Vice Presidential candidate considered gaffe prone is remarkable, and he has most likely benefited greatly from being compared to the highly disliked Governor from Alaska, who is considered the least capable candidate to be in line for the Presidency in the history of the nation.

Over the next couple of weeks, as the final undecided voters make their choices, these ratings may have more of an impact than any other metric. Dont forget to vote.


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