First Bachmann, Now Hayes – Liberals Hate America – Audio

October 21, 2008

Congressman Robin Hayes. Pantyhose factory owner and hates liberals.

Congressman Robin Hayes, a Republican from North Carolina, has echoed the sentiments of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann who, only a couple days ago called for investigations into whether certain liberal members of Congress were ‘anti-American’. His stunning comment, made before what he described as the largest gathering for John McCain in North Carolina, was “liberals hate real Americans that work and achieve and believe in God.”

Rep. Hayes, a wealthy owner of a pantyhose factory, said not minutes before “make sure we don’t say something stupid, make sure we don’t say something we don’t mean.” In other words, Congressman Hayes either doesn’t understand the statement was stupid, or he is indeed so stupid as to think his statement was intelligent. His think, rural, southern accent lends a wonderful atmosphere to this bit of far right wing hyperbolic, hate filled rhetoric.

It seems the Republican party has become more honest with the American people as to how they view America. It’s not one of acceptance, or democracy, or a melting pot, or a place where freedoms are sacred, but rather they seem to view America as only residing in the hearts of those that unfailingly vote for Republican candidates. That seems to be what they think is America. I have news for them, America is no such place.

We have not toiled and striven, fought wars and sacrificed family members for your vision of America, Congressman. These actions and accomplishments have been undertaken for freedom, liberty, and the hope of never having an oppressive regime siphon these noble ideals from our minds. The Republicans don’t agree, apparently–they seem to be proposing just that. A regime that only honors those that believe in their god, that only protects those that support them, and only cares only to put forward the values of their America–where hatred is good, and investigating anyone who is suspected of disagreeing with them is needed. That is tyranny, it is not democracy. That is a reversion back to Joe McCarthy, or, if they succeed where he failed, Joseph Stalin.

Here is proof of Congressman Hayes saying the disgusting words of hate and division:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Credit to Politico for the audio



  1. Thank God I’m a Democrat and mailed my absentee ballot vote for Barack yesterday. The Republicans have always claimed to be the morality standard that somehow only Republicans can meet. They’ve always looked unabashedly for a scapegoat – anything to take the voters mind off their atrocious failures governing this country then tying up our Congress in the last two years to make sure nothing good for the majority actually becomes law.

    But this blog adds such an incisive perspective that is so true. They are showing the basis of their actions: hate. Moreover, their assertion that only Republicans are true Americans and love this country is a ridiculous new blunt sound byte of how they really feel. Who needs crackpots like that in office.

  2. This comment was definately out of line for a sitting Congressman to make. I understand why he feels that way, I feel that way many times myself. Comments like that, however, are best left for the talk radio hosts to make. That being said, I’m going to defend why we conservatives feel that liberals hate America.

    1. Taxes. Liberal tax policies apear to work on the same philosophy as Robin Hood. The government has proven time and again that it doesn’t know how to spend money the right way, so there’s absolutely no reason to make anybody give the government any more money than they already do. Spreading the wealth is a socialist tenant, and last I checked, America wasn’t meant to be a socialist country. So, supporting a liberal tax plan appears to be an attack on America.

    2. Growth. Democrats (although recently many Republicans) tend to expand the size and influence of the Federal Government. We conservatives prefer a smaller Federal Government with the States having more freedom to govern themselves.

    3. Defense cuts. Most Democrat Presidents have cut military spending. That in and of itself is not a bad thing, but many of these cuts caused our military to weaken. Doing anything that makes our country more vulnerable to our enemies is in effect sabotage.

    On a side note, I’d like to send everybody a warning. There are some instances in which early voting is necassary, such as, you can’t make it to the polls on election day, or you expect your polling place to be incapable of handling the load this year. If you don’t have a legitimate reason to vote early, don’t. It’s highly unlikely that any of us are going to change our minds about our pick for president, but you don’t want to have buyer’s remorse about other picks you’ve made before election day even comes around.

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