McCain Incites Domestic Terrorism Against ACORN

October 17, 2008

ACORN, the community activist organization that registers people to vote, and notifies registrars of the potential duplicate or fraudulent registrations, has become a target of domestic terrorists supporting McCain’s election as president. The terrorists have sent death threats and have already terrorized offices of the organization, reeling already from false accusations of fraudulent registrations.

According to reports, at least two offices of ACORN have been hit by domestic terrorists, with other offices and individuals in fear for their lives. The McCain campaign has yet to control the terrorists, and have further incited them today with more false claims of ACORN trying to ‘fix’ the election, the same election that John McCain is currently trailing by millions upon millions of legitimate potential votes. The terrorists motives are unclear, but it seems they are seeking to improve the odds of John McCain’s presidential ambitions.

The ACORN offices in Boston and Seattle have been already hit by the terrorists, and individuals in Cleavland and Providence have had their lives threatened in credible and direct threats by the domestic terrorists. Over 87 ACORN offices across the country have been targeted with other threats and emails, showing the depth and breadth of the domestic terrorists’ potential targets. Many of the emails are of a racist nature, providing a possible clue that the domestic terrorists are not only McCain supporters, but also complete savages.

ACORN has registered hundreds of thousands of legitimate voters, and works closely with local and state officials to make sure that any fraudulent registrations are pointed out. By law, ACORN, and any other organization must turn in every single voter registration card that they receive, regardless of whether of not they believe that the registration is invalid or illegitimate. ACORN has a very long history of working with local and state officials to ensure the integrity of the voter registration process, a fact that is overlooked by the McCain campaign in their inciting remarks about the situation.

Just today, the Supreme Court unanimously rejected the false claims of the Republican Party and the McCain campaign, stating that newly registered voters can use normal ballots. The Republicans wanted special ballots to be made for new voters, and suppress the voters from having their votes counted. The FBI has been pressured by Republican lawmakers to investigate claims that US Attorneys have already concluded are false allegations. The Republican lawmakers are using political pressure when legitimate law enforcement officers won’t pursue the false claims.

We can only hope that the domestic terrorists inspired by the McCain campaign don’t end up killing people. It’s time that the McCain campaign controlled these terrorists before the threaten more lives, and target more offices.



  1. Easy with the domestic terrorist label. Pretty soon spitting on the sidewalk will earn us that criminal indictment. The ACORN office attackers are bitter political stooges who engaged in criminal vandalism, assault, battery, or other assorted indictable offenses. Please do not allow W’s wide-sweeping war of terror terminology to reshape our justice system approach to thug behavior. Under Bush’s regime, opposing the death penalty or attending an anti-war rally can get your surveilled and labeled as a domestic terrorist.

  2. Just a little hyperbolic sarcasm to reflect the scorn coming from the right wing, Johnny Peepers. It is getting dangerous, from what I understand, and not too far afield of what’s truly feared.

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