Joe the Plumber – Connected to Keating 5!?!?

October 16, 2008

Whoa there, Nelly! Is this wacky, or what?

Joe the Plumber, one Mr. Joseph Wurzelbacher shares an uncommon surname with a big cog in the Lincoln Savings and Loan mess. One Mr. Robert M. Wurzelbacher Jr., an in-law of Mr. Keating, was found guilty of three felony counts of misapplication of federally insured funds in 1992.

Is this some sort of huge coincidence that John McCain had a ‘best friends forever’ relationship with Frank Keating, was caught trying to intimidate regulators to not go after the massively fraudulent Lincoln Savings and Loan, and now, suddenly has a Wurzelbacher, a long time supporter become a Trojan horse of sorts in the third debate?

There is no definitive connection, as of yet, but just wait, I have a feeling Joe the Plumber is closely related to the John McCain connected felon, Mr. Robert M. Wurzelbacher Jr.



Joe the Plumber is a close relative of the felon, and thus can be considered a plant, and a dishonest, tax evading handyman.


Now Unconfirmed, and in serious doubt.

It has been revealed that Joe the Plumber actually wouldn’t be making $250,000-$280,000 a year if he bought the business, but rather a substantial amount less than that. Basically, he lied. He would purchase the business for about $250,000, and receive profits of around $40-$50,000, and thus would save tons of money under Senator Obama’s tax plan.

Joe, whose real name is Samuel, is claiming a slippery slope argument, that one day he may make more than $100,000, and therefore Obama taxing people more at incomes over $250,000 would then be changed to hit him. In other words, he’s a first rate moron with some sort of brain injury to boot. Good job Joe….Sam…whatever your lying ass name is…you are voting against your own interests because one day…one day, you just may make less than half the amount Senator Obama is proposing a tax increase for.


One comment

  1. Joe does not want to pay less taxes; that’s why he’s more engrossed with getting some fame.

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