“I did not have a sexual relationship with Senator McCain”

October 16, 2008

Vicki Iseman, the lobbyist who had an alleged affair with John McCain in 1999, has suddenly denied the allegations after staying out of the cameras for months upon months. Iseman is a high profile lobbyist, achieving a partnership at a K street lobbying firm. It is alleged that Senator McCain has, in the past, treated her causes with extreme diligence, even going so far as to fly with her alone on trips.

The story seems to have originated with Senator McCain’s own Aides, who were very scared of the connection in his 2000 attempt for the presidency, going so far as to ban her from any functions that included the Senator. The story emerging from the lips of McCain’s own cadre has made the claims all the more believable, and, some believe, extraordinarily credible.

Iseman represented Paxson Communications, which had business before the FCC. John McCain is said to have pushed the FCC to quickly approve Paxson’s business before them, some say in a suspicious way–not wholly unlike his push on regulators in the Keating Five scandal. It is not understood whether his amazingly close relationship with Iseman, whom McCain claims is a ‘good friend’, or his relationship with Jim Paxson, a very heavy McCain donor, had more to do with the strange, out of the ordinary attention he gave to the cause.

McCain has taken free trips on Paxson’s jets in the past, and has received more than $20,000 from Paxson and his associates. If Iseman was not in a sexual relationship with McCain, then the question becomes more of a quid pro quo relationship with big donors. Paxson, whatever the situation, seems to have gotten much more in return for his $20,000 and free corporate jet trips than he spent.


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