Debate Polls Say: Obama Trounces McCain!

October 15, 2008

In a stunning and well played debate victory, Barack Obama once again showed his steady poise and careful consideration with difficult issues. John McCain looked angry, sullen, and sometimes a bit demented. ‘Joe the plumber’ may have been John McCain’s only new voter, as a full 58 percent of voters polled, per CNN, considered Senator Obama the clear victor, with a scant 31 percent thought that John McCain didn’t lose.

This is three for three for Senator Obama, with this being the clearest victory yet. John McCain has not only not helped himself in the debates, but has actually hurt himself. Polls tonight indicate that John McCain lost a full 2 percent in favorablity rating, adding to the drop he has suffered over the past couple of weeks.

CBS, in a poll of uncommitted voters, has even a greater victory for Senator Obama, with a full 53 percent choosing Barack Obama as the winner, and only 22 percent thinking that John McCain didn’t totally look like a douche. Even Fox News agrees. The sometimes racist network showed a clear and stunning victory for Senator Obama in their focus group, which they only would admit chose Senator Obama by a ‘wide margin’, but wouldn’t release just how wide of a margin it was.

John McCain’s anger was on full display, and maybe considered his greatest error in the debate. Anger and temperament are known negatives for Senator McCain, having once pushed a woman in the Senate hallway when she had the audacity to inquire about her MIA son. The anger can be seen clearly in this video:

Crazy John McCain.

The greatest debate mistake, perhaps in the history of US presidential debates, came when John McCain said that he was proud of the people that come to his rallies. In the forefront of everyone’s minds is the crazy, mindless chants and shouts coming from his rallies involving threats against Barack Obama’s life, and calling him a terrorist. He is ‘proud’ of that. Great job, John McCain, you’re a class act.


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