McCain Hires Saddam’s Lobbyist – Scandal!

October 14, 2008

That’s right, you read that correctly. Michael Timmons, the head of a lobbying effort by Saddam Hussein after the Gulf War is the head of McCain’s transition team. Timmons, a consummate Washington lobbyist who puts money before ethics, attempted to ease the sanctions put in place to prevent Saddam Hussein from acquiring the means with which to kill more people. If you think Bill Ayers is a bad person, Michael Timmons must be Satan incarnate.

So, John McCain wants to appraoch reform in Washington in the same way that massively corrupt lobbyists that act as agents for foreign countries do–more lobbying, more deceit, and less ability to stop those that kill their own populations. This is a horrific man. A man that either saw nothing wrong with Saddam Hussein after the Gulf War, or overlooked the evil within the Iraqi regime and took their money and fought for them. A mercenary in the very worst way.

It gets worse, according to reports, Timmons closest coworker on the project, one Mr. Samir Vincent (an Iraqi born American), was convicted of working as an unregistered Iraqi agent. I have a name for unregistered agents of foreign countries, I call them saboteurs and spies. Mr. Timmons worked with an unregistered foreign agent for Saddam Hussein while lobbying to rid Saddam Hussein of those pesky sanctions.

Let me put it this way, John McCain has hired a man who is known to have worked with a unregistered foreign agent of Saddam Hussein to help Iraq get money for what John McCain has said would be used to buy weapons of mass destruction. If you care one iota for ethics and honesty from your politicians, this has to rank as one of the worst possible connections that could ever be made.

Remember when that guy was caught for attempting to bribe the UN Secretary General, Boutros Boutros Ghali, with millions of dollars received directly from the Saddam Hussein regime? That was Tongsun Park, the man that Michael Timmons introduced to Samir Vincent, who then they hired to help influence lawmakers and the UN, according to testimony. Timmons testified against his employees for a reduced sentence. That’s right, The head of McCain’s transition team is a known criminal.

Timmons was also involved in selling Iraqi oil during the sanction period. So many irregularities and scandals erupted from the oil for food program that it was constantly in the news. Mr. Timmons was in on the whole deal. He was an integral part of an attempted bribery of the UN Secretary General, sold oil for Saddam, and was a lobbyist for Saddam Hussein, and now John McCain trusts him enough to head his transition team.

People, this isn’t a scandal, it’s a blatant middle finger to every American straight from the hand of John McCain.


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  1. Looks to be true:

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