Massive Palin Scandal Brewing

October 13, 2008

A scandal twice the size of Ted Stevens’ is brewing for Sarah Palin. No, it’s not the troopergate report, which in its own right is a monumental scandal, but one that hasn’t hit the mainstream media yet. This one’s a doozie. A half million dollar doozie.

Those of us who pay attention to the election with our proverbial telescopes and microscopes have all seen the pictures of Sarah Palin’s beautiful home overlooking a pristine Alaskan lake. It’s very picturesque, and enviable for most Americans. Now, it’s all the more idyllic if you believe the Palin’s–Todd built it himself, with his own two hands. What a nice image, but is that image the true one?

The home was constructed in 2002, right before Sarah Palin’s tenure as the director of Ted Stevens’ PAC, Ted Stevens Excellence in Public Service, Incorporated. Ted Stevens, you may recall, was indicted for taking a quarter of a million dollars worth of gifts in the form of construction on his Alaskan cabin, and there are potential striking similarities to Sarah Palin’s situation. Not only is it improbable that Todd Palin built an almost 4,000 square foot luxury home with a ‘couple of buddies’, but it is looking as though Todd Palin had very little to do with the construction other than supervision.

Remember the massive, and horribly overpriced sports complex that Sarah Palin pushed through in Wasilla? Well, it seems that the sports complex contractors and architect have strong links and ties to Palin. Spenard Building Supplies was one, and wouldn’t you know, they also supplied the materials for the Palin’s home. Sure, a small connection, but get this–Spenard also was the supplier for Ted Stevens cabin. This one building supply company is involved with Palin, Stevens, the Wasilla sports complex, and is a financial contributor to Palin. Keep in mind that the sports complex was being constructed at the very same time as the Palin’s home.

This connection is neither fleeting, nor minor. This appears to be a pattern of concurrent events that makes it more and more likely that the Palin’s home may have been some sort of quid pro quo arrangement for the massive influx of money into the building supply company. An area that could reinforce this connection would be if the architect of the Wasilla sports complex, Blase Burkhart (also a contributor to Palin), had anything to do with the construction of the Palin’s home.

Another interesting twist to the story is that Sarah Palin was, at the time, also running for Lieutenant Governor, a position that could further reward those contributing to her campaign, and those that were involved with the Wasilla sports complex and the construction of Sarah Palin’s home. We know that Alaska has been a bastion of corrupt political activities.

Spenard Building Supplies has connections to Ted Stevens indictment, but also the Murkowskis. They have been a major contributor to Murkowski’s daughter’s Senate run. Frank Murkowski was the center of a massive corruption probe, with his Chief of Staff, Jim Clark, being found guilty in a conspiracy involving Veco, the company at the center of the Ted Stevens corruption scandal. Spenard worked with Veco on Stevens cabin.

So, Sarah Palin’s home involves a company involved with Ted Stevens, Palin became the director of Ted Stevens PAC within months after the home was built, and there is a plausible quid pro quo with the involvement of the $12,500,000 Wasilla sports complex. These connections are proven with city, state  and court documents, the question now is whether Palin’s home had any amount of work contributed by Spenard, Veco, Burkhart, or any other contractors involved with the building of the Wasilla sports complex. My guess? There’s more to this story than has been uncovered so far. Todd Palin didn’t build a nearly 4,000 square foot luxury, lakeside home valued at over $500,000 by himself. Who helped him build it?

Sources for this entry include The Village Voice and StopThinkVote



  1. This is the best you clowns can come up with??????????

    Response by ‘plaid lemur’:
    You have to admit, if it pans out, it’s as close to the best as it gets. ;-P

  2. Absoluty the corropcion is very clear like the water
    the republican are notorios for their corropcion
    Palin have something in common with bush they never visiting another country to see another culture an mingle never read a book they were very ingnorante about the world they live therefore we have problem with bush and also wil be a bigest problem with the foxi lady palin

  3. proper use of plural possessive is “palins’ “, not “palin’s”. apostrophe after the s to signify plural. this is basic english grammar. otherwise good stuff. JL

    Note from ‘plaid lemur’:
    ‘Palin’ is the name, not ‘Palins’, so the apostrophe goes before the s to signify plural. If the name were to be ‘Palins’, then either an apostrophe would be placed as you mentioned, or none would be used, depending on which school you subscribe to.

    Not that I don’t need many, many grammar lessons–but I think I flubbed into doing it correctly this time.

    …and you’re not the Jim Lampley, are you? If you are, you rock.

  4. Doesn’t surprise me in the least! Her so-called “folksiness” is absolutely abhorent to me. Just one of us folks, Sarah? HA! How many ordinary Americans can afford to live in a home valued at over $500,000 and buy $800.00 dollar (note: those are just the frames!) glasses??? Yes, the country is in a mess right now – but voting in one more Republican administration is NOT the answer. Obama-Biden 2008!


  6. You are kidding right? Nobody builds a house by themselves. Todd Palin probably got a construction loan, pulled the permits himself and then was an “owner builder”. You are probably some urban socialist that can’t connect the dots or imagine putting your hand to a sweat equity home. It’s done thousands of times a day in our country by industrious people who take advantage of American opportunity. You also let your sick jealousy show…another tragic socialist flaw. Go Sarah……

    Note from ‘plaid lemur’:
    I grew up on a farm in New Hampshire. I cut trees down, piled hay bails, and built what needed to be built. I tracked deer and moose, have stared down fishers, coyotes, and bear, I’m not what anyone could mistake as either urban or socialist. I know how to build a house from scratch, but I also know what limits a few guys have, no matter their skills, in building on a lakeside lot especially with a short season to do so. Don’t imagine me the way you wish to, I’m not your stereotype–in fact, no one is your stereotype.

  7. There was a “Digging Deeper” investigation on AC360 about a month ago regarding the ‘ify’ sports centre development, maybe they should dig a little deeper… ;o)

    “Palin’s hometown legacy left trail of legal bills”



  8. Are you serious??!!
    You wasted all that ink and energy on an insipid story like that? Come on now! Stop trying to find fault on this good couple and stick to the issues.

    By the way, Sarah Palin DIDN’T have an affair with her husband’s former partner. No wonder the major papers didn’t pick the libelous story up. You even printed that the friendship WASN’T CONSUMATED! How can you even believe the Enquirer magazine’s added hiint/story of intimated ‘guilt?’ It’s a trashy magazine to start with that prints nothing but lies an half truths about people. Just stick to the facts please!

  9. All questions and no answers. Speculation at best and a non-issue just like the ethics investigation – personal vendetta using public funds.

  10. Affair? When did I mention anything about that?

  11. It no secret that Alaskan politics are corrupt.. When you have so few people and THAT MUCH MONEY..it’s inevitable.

    As for this story.. “The Village Voice”? I need some more credibility than that.

    I don’t like Obama supporters stooping to the level of the McCain campaign.

    At least you didn’t call her a terrorist though.

  12. The fact that they all used Spenard Building Supplies isn’t noteworthy. Spenard Building Supplies is the place everyone in the Anchorage area uses. It’s the Home Depot or Lowes of anywhere else in the lower 48. Also, while I really don’t think Todd built his house it it possible to build with contractor friends. It was probably more than “a couple” buddies, but that happens a lot in AK. The real scandal is more about her being Mayor at the time and not being required to have any building permits. And maybe a question of where the funds came from, just like with Ted Stevens.

  13. Previous poster was right, the PLURAL possesvie of the Palins would be Palins’ – as in the Palins’ home.

  14. You’re right, I hadn’t noticed the one instance that I did say ‘the Palin’s home.’ For some reason, I thought I continually referred to it as her, or Todd’s home.

    I will let it stay to show the people (who know better) of my incapability to understand certain rules of grammar.

  15. Why didn’t McCain notice all of this when he was searching for a decent candidate with whom he could run?? She wasn’t trying to hide anything, was she? Do you think he didn’t look closely enough, perhaps?

  16. You shouldn’t waste your time on such silly stories. Americans are interested in real news.

  17. Robin, if this proves to pan out, would it be real news?

  18. Real news Robin? Like Obama being from Kenya and he’s a muslim? It’s funny how it doesn’t feel comfortable when someone goes after McCain and Palin, but it’s ok to go after Obama simply because of the man’s name.

  19. I think this is a lot of hearsay and guessing. There *may* be some sort of deeper connection, but at the moment, considering all the other scandals and problems…I don’t really think it warrents much public attention.

  20. ohh please…

  21. I’m not chiming in as a Palin defender, per se. But I am chiming in on sloppy writing/reporting. Case in point:

    “Remember the massive, and horribly overpriced sports complex that Sarah Palin pushed through in Wasilla?”

    Uh, you mean the one the town *voted* on, agreeing to accept the debt in the form of a bond?

  22. While I would not be in the slightest surprised to find something awry with this entire situation, I do wonder if there is less to this story than we want to believe.

    Is it possible that in such a small community there are a rather limited number of contractors, builders, suppliers, etc. and as such it is rather inevitable that they all wind up working on pretty much any construction project going on in the area?

  23. You want to know why I chose Sarah Palin? It’s simple: The Lord speaks thru Sarah Palin and many Americans listen to her. That’s why.

  24. Randy, I’m a blogger. I can’t pretend to be an actual journalist. The sports complex was, in my opinion, overpriced for a town of 6,000 people. Maybe one day I’ll do some kind of sloppy cost benefit analysis of a $12,500,000 sports complex for a town of 6,000 on the blog.

  25. Gotta echo Matt Brown to be honest. You’ve broken this too early. If you could have made a more solid link first, you’d have had something. As it is, it’s too tenuous to be a threat to Palin. Mind you, given her strange self-delusion over the troopergate report, she could be indicted for it and she’d probably think that she’d won a prize…

    PS, For a plural, there is no apostrophe, so Todd and Sarah as a couple are “The Palins”; for the singular possesive of something belonging to Sarah OR Todd, it’s “Palin’s”, and for the plural possesive of something belnging to both Todd and Sarah it’s “The Palins'”, which is the commonly used and accepted abreviation of “The Palins’s”.

    Sometimes it’s good to be English ;)

  26. Yeah, custador, I was called out on that, lol. You Brits need to be dumbed down a little–makin’ this here ‘Merican look stoopid. ;-P

  27. And while you are doing that analysis, do not forget to look into how much it costs for that giant complex to operate each and every month. The huge complex not only left Wasilla in debt for bonds, but sucks money out of the budget big time for utilities, staffing. Plus, it is so far outside of town the kids can’t get to it without a ride from their folks and so it sits virtually empty most of the time. What a boondoggle.

  28. It’s “Sarah Palin’s home” or “the Palins’ home,” but not “the Palin’s home.”

    Construction of the Palin house is the least of my worries. The destruction of the house of cards that is our government and financial institutions is more compelling.

  29. Hey, don’t knock building a house yourself until you try it. My wife and I built a 2 story, 3,500 sq ft home by ourselves and the help of a few friends and family… yes even the electrical and plumbing and we were in our 50’s. Don’t say it can’t be done, because we did it!

  30. Gothcha, relentlessolive. My bad.

  31. Whoever is curreckting spelling is a jackass wasting tyme.

    The point is Palin is a corrupt dumb bitch, and McSame is a crazy womanizing warmonger.

    Vote for Nader

  32. how much is her mortgage?

  33. So where are the documents touted in the article?

    More BS from the likes of Dan Rather and the phony National Guard lies.

    Not even a good try.

    I’m glad they’re scared to death by the next Vice President and then President, Sarah Palin.

  34. Hey, anything is possible in Alaska. Who did they elect as Gov? What a joke on the lower 48.

  35. How easy itr is to propagate these smears. this is truly deperation politics. Has anyone interview Sarah as to what she has to say about this?

  36. Sailorvet,

    Gov. Palin is unavailable to anyone willing to ask a legitimate question.

  37. This is the best you clowns can come up with??????????

    my sentiments exactly (excepting for the fact that i direct them towards mccain, in total bewilderment as his choice for running mate).

  38. […] October 15, 2008 by supersnapp Massive Palin Scandal Brewing […]

  39. Spenard Builders Supply is a lumber company, they sell building materials, they don’t build homes. They have been the leader in this business in Alaska for many years, and yes, up here we have a “short” building season, but a good crew with 3 builders can have a house up and ready within 3-months or less, but, we build all year-round, winter does not stop us from framing houses. We (my family) have been buying wood from Spenards for over 30-years, like most Alaskans, so I guess we are all part of this scandal?

  40. Never said they built it, just as it was never alleged that they built Ted Stevens’ cabin.

  41. I am an Obama supporter. The connections are for sure suspect… but I have to say that I’m a computer programmer and I have a co-worker, who is also a programmer, and he in fact last year built a luxury, $500,000 lake-front property just last year with the help of a few friends. So it’s very possible to build it that way.

  42. You need to send this off to Rachael Maddox on MSNBC or Keith Oberman MSNBC

  43. Caligirl,

    Olbermann had a short piece on it last night. I hope some real ‘pit bull’ reporters get their mouths on this one–lipstick or no.

  44. M2et6n (Vdub and a .50 cal? lol),

    It definitely can be done, but if you had potential access to machinery, equipment, and manpower (as well as experts) right down the road building a 12.5 million dollar project that someone in your family was overseeing, what might happen?

    I get you, but the tangled web that Sarah Palin was involved with, right at that very time, was one that included Ted Stevens’ cabin being ‘refurbished’ for nothing.

  45. Hey y’all, did ya see SP giving a “shout out” to her pals the AIP? Yeah, with her Polar bear Pin she was wearing today and yesterday. Now for you “doubting Thomas’s” drinking the kool-aid, we know that SP is suing the US b/c the polar bear is on the endangered species and that interferes with “drill, baby, drill” And she is all for drill at ANWR, polar bears be damned! :( And since the polar bear IS the symbol for the Alaska Independence Party-Anti-US group…She was probably giving a friendly shout out to her “Buds” Funny since CNN had a very extensive report today that team McCain was very unhappy about. Oh well, another thing to cry about, boo-hoo! :D

  46. lol caligirl.

    The Republicans chose the two worst candidates they could find. Makes you wonder if they wanted to lose.

  47. How pathetic you are – you have the same mental deficiency that Bill Clinton had – It depends on the meaning of Is!
    If a toilet roll was rolled clockwise instead of anti-clockwise you would be able to connect that to Sara Palin too.

    Note from ‘the plaid lemur’:

    The same mental deficiency as Bill Clinton? You pay me an exceptional compliment comparing me to a Rhodes Scholar, not to mention someone with a 180 IQ.

    Thank you very, very much.

  48. You Betcha!
    If they wanted to win, well….they did pick Loser’s!
    We SP goes back to Alaska she will be very busy, Troopergate I &II, pin-gate,house-gate, and I’m sure more as those long dead skeletons jump out of the closet!!!
    We will probablly be hearing about another ethics investigation/scandal in Alaska, since she has absolved herself of all wrongdoing in Troopergate I despite evidence to the contrary…
    I like your blog plaidlemur…keep up the good work!
    Come play with us @ mudflats sometime…. :)

  49. “How pathetic you are – you have the same mental deficiency that Bill Clinton had – It depends on the meaning of Is!
    If a toilet roll was rolled clockwise instead of anti-clockwise you would be able to connect that to Sara Palin too.”

    Oh my….another drinking the kool-aid! I always say “Lying lipstick pigs sink ships” :/
    Can’t stand that the Hate train express, is De-Railed!!! BOOM!

  50. PlaidLemur:
    Here is a fun site:
    be sure to point and click at everything esp. cabinets,LOL!

  51. This house thing could easily be settled with receipts. Show me the receipts and who paid the bills.

  52. Ha! Fat chance! As Palin said when she illegally got$50K without city council approval “I’m the mayor and I can do what I want until the courts tell me otherwise” Imagine what she says now she’s Gov. and VP candidate???LOL!

  53. If you want to find out more about Sarah Palin from an astrological perspective, check out http://www.robertphoenix.com

  54. Astrological, as in ‘astro-illogical’? ;-P

  55. caligrl,
    http://palinaspresident.com/ is absolutely hilarious. Thanks for the link!

  56. It is so frustrating to see so many readers here behaving un-American. But I am tired of these liberals. These fine and decent American citizens are the majority and will help me get elected president. I promise, I will lead our great nation until 2016 when my VP Sarah Palin then will take over.

  57. John McLame for president? Well hells bells I thought it was Palin? I saw her give a “shout out” to her pals at AIP yesterday? You know they want to run the “country”? Oh I forgot her husband running too: ie: Shadow government.

  58. Some one needs to go down to the city planning division office in Wasilla and ask for copies or to see copies of the original architectural plans submitted for the building permit. There will be names on these plans..
    So check on the Sports Center and also on the Palin home…plans submitted.

  59. Building permits are not required in the ‘city’ of Wasilla. Seriously, isn’t that just about the most hick thing you’ve ever heard of? She was mayor of a town that doesn’t even require building permits…

  60. Yes, but she could see Russia from her back yard!!

  61. Spenard Builders IS used by many, but Home Depot and Lowe’s are also found in Wasilla, and several more an hour away, in Anchorage.

    Please, all you in the “Lower 48” (as we say here), don’t judge ALL Alaskans by those we put in office.
    We are not all of us corrupt, so just keep helping us to demand the truth and justice, AND equality for all.

  62. Look at the windows of the Palin house and the sports complex:

    At approx 2:41 into the video there is a great shot of the front of the complex.

    Compare the windows there to pics of the house..

    VERY similar. the trim is a bit different but I bet the sizes match exactly!

  63. sjk,
    They are similar. Imagine is they used the same windows? That would be an indication of materials being used from the sport complex build site… nice thought.

  64. mwlfqotn,

    Alaskans seem pretty nice….but the track record is getting pretty bad up there. I hope you guys can fix it.

  65. plaidlemur,

    Someone in the construction biz needs to take a closer look. I’ve never built anything, except a few bookshelves with instructions on which bolt goes where!

    As to the materials, if just a few % of some items (like glass) for the complex “broke” or something, it could just be absorbed into the complex budget and never be missed.

    More windows pics from the complex:

    Feel free to mix and match!

    Someone PLEASE help connect the dots on this.
    It is very Ted Stevens-esque, the timeline is perfect and it smells like a rotten salmon.

    No offense to the salmon.

  66. “She was mayor of a town that doesn’t even require building permits”…She ditched the permit requirements just before that house was built…

  67. […] are legitimate questions about the running mate of John McCain. Here, on this blog, I briefly examined her house, and the similarities its building has to Ted Stevens’ cabin situ…. They shared the same building supply company, and they both were massive improvements done in […]

  68. All Palin must do is show paid receipts for her building material. I believe it was said they had no
    mortgage but should be easily verified. I look forward to seeing all the canceled checks. We paid cash for a recent remodeling job, we have checks to the builders and building supply stores, Palin will have the same.

  69. time to find those receipts.

  70. […] while keeping it quiet at the request of federal investigators. From October, 2008, posting on the Plaid Lemur blog: Remember the massive, and horribly overpriced sports complex that Sarah Palin pushed through in […]

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