Christopher Hitchens Endorses Obama

October 13, 2008

The erstwhile British socialist, and now a one issue voter (protecting the US and the west from terrorism), has penned his endorsement of Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Hitchens is well known for his support of the invasion and war in Iraq, and his hawkish views on eradicating terrorist organizations and individuals worldwide. Some consider Hitchens a Neoconservative, as his views are very similar to them. Neoconservatives do not seem to like him, mostly because of his staunch criticism of religion.

Hitchens explains his endorsement in Slate:

Obama is greatly overrated in my opinion, but the Obama-Biden ticket is not a capitulationist one, even if it does accept the support of the surrender faction, and it does show some signs of being able and willing to profit from experience. With McCain, the “experience” is subject to sharply diminishing returns, as is the rest of him, and with Palin the very word itself is a sick joke.

I only disagree with with his estimation of Senator Obama being ‘overrated’ as I believe that people rate him properly, but it is their excitement for a new direction, and a new beginning for the worldwide respect of the US that creates an excitement that could be mistaken for ‘overrating’ him. Senator Obama is an intellectual man, one that can use reason and abstract thinking to solve problems, the traits most needed to make rapid fire correct decisions of this magnitude. Experience is only as good as what kind it is. Senator Obama’s experience is that of compassion, honesty, and fighting for the common man, while Senator McCain’s is with a lavish lifestyle of wealth and debauchery. I’m glad that Christopher Hitchen’s finally understands, and I’m sure that he’s merely an indicator of the tens of thousands like him.



  1. And why should we care that Hitchens supports Obama? Being a Brit and all?

  2. shawnbarr,

    US citizen, high profile figure, and a hawk.

  3. Just in case the two commenters above me hadn’t noticed we, like the “Brits” are all on the same planet. We are all responsible for one another. We have to have allies.

    That said, the “Brits” are in good company. There are many more high profile people and organizations endorsing Obama:


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