McCain to Reject His Own Economic Plans

October 12, 2008

In a confusing turn of events, the 72 year old Senator is poised to reject his very own economic plans, and introduce a new one, according to Reuters. The campaign has not only been in a complete tailspin, but insiders and supporters have been denouncing Senator McCain’s economic plans, and his abusive, hate filled rants against Senator Barack Obama.

It is no surprise that after repeated calls for Senator McCain to turn away from his hate mongering that the campaign has been looking for other, less controversial measures to lie to the electorate. According to the report, the campaign has 30 some odd different economic plans they are currently mulling over, and deciding between them will take Rovian analysis as to which one will appeal to the demographics they wish to capture.

Lowest common denominator considerations can be difficult, especially when people are more concerned with their wallets and the nation’s future more so than pathetic wedge issues. I expect the campaign to announce an economic plan that conservatives will enjoy more than the wholesale wackiness of paying full face value of massively devalued mortgages to the very institutions that helped create this financial crisis.So far, the McCain campaign has offered plans that even the very few economists that support him have called out as being idiotic.

As it stands now, John McCain’s campaign is facing not only a large deficit in the polls, but also a political landscape that is poised to take a direction that John McCain has yet to appeal to. Considering the wholesale flip-flop that McCain will have to make in order to change his economic message, I expect some excitment in his base, but confusion in the independent voter’s minds. With the third and final debate just around the corner, McCain would be fool hardy to introduce the new plan before it, and silly to inject such a flip-flop into the debate’s narrative. Doing so would create a perfect opportunity for Senator Obama, and his well oiled political machinery to chew up and spit out John McCain for his confused vision of America’s future.


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