Palin – Investigation Finds Abuse of Power

October 10, 2008

The Republican dominated Alaska State Legislature has found that Governor Sarah Palin has abused her powers as governor. What does this mean for the ‘Straight (Hate) Talk Express’? If she is not off the ticket by tomorrow morning, Sarah Palin and the Republican Party will be doing a disservice to the electorate, and her potential position as Vice President.

They will, no doubt, attempt to further rebuke the investigation by cries of partisanship, but the partisanship was toward the Republican side. A full 56 percent of the Alaska Legislature is Republican, so any attempts to call the findings into question is fool hardy and dishonest. There is a coalition between the Senate Democrats and some Senate Republicans, but it only because of Governor Palin’s despicable abuses.

She is now another corrupt Alaska politician, just like Ted Stevens (whose PAC she was the Director of), and should be turned away from ever holding and disgracing an office of public trust ever again. Wake up America, she is not a hockey mom, but a beast of deception and hatred. Blind, immoral abuse of power is not the stage of regular Joe six pack, but of those who wish for only their own ambition to be fulfilled.



  1. Hi,

    I just voted for your excellent blog for the Bloggers Choice Awards.




  2. While she has the right to hire and fire who ever she wants, the abuse comes from allowing her husband the access and power of her office.

    What would he have access to as the spouse of a VP or even worse, the President?

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