High Level McCain Endorser–Not the Same Man

October 10, 2008

William Milliken, the former governor of Michigan, made comments in today’s Grand Rapids Press about the tenor of John McCain’s campaign. “He is not the McCain I endorsed,” Milliken stated. He went on to scold the campaign for attacks that are far out of line in a civilized political discourse.

“I’m disappointed in the tenor and the personal attacks on the part of the McCain campaign, when he ought to be talking about the issues.”

I’m glad there’s one Republican that understands the dangerous waters that McCain is guiding his supporters into. When crowds at a political rally yell for the death and torture of the other candidate, you’re no longer living in the United States that is the beacon of freedom for the world, but rather a scandalous nation that is willing to allow death threats into the debate of issues.

I am, and have been, appalled at the hate baiting and implicit defining of Senator Obama as a foreign terrorist. It’s time that this conversation left the blogs, and starts on the TV screens. It’s time that it leaves our held tongues, and starts thundering in the atmosphere. No longer can we allow the McCain campaign to incite hatred and violence. No longer can we allow their rallies to double as White Power gatherings. It has got to stop, and to do so, we must start this conversation at a more visible level.


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