Is John McCain Trying to Get Obama Hurt?

October 9, 2008

This is sure to be a controversial post, and I fully understand why. I don’t wish to wander into the deep, dark waters of intrigue and hatred, nor do I want to think of anyone on the national stage as having such naked and blind ambition as to take such a harmful tact. However, the events of the past weeks have come to pass, and they have not been imagined–they are as real as the throaty calls for death from McCain’s and Palin’s audiences. This is an unfortunate post to have to write, and I loathe the mere thought of my question being answered in an honest manner.

The day after the Vice Presidential debate, a new direction was given to the battered and languishing campaign of John McCain. They were awash in bad news on their most vulnerable issues, and this necessitated a move to refocus the electorates attention. Instead of confronting the issues at hand, or finding another legitimate issue with which to fight, they decided to use an old, haggard issue that had been beaten in to its grave months upon months ago. The Bill Ayers connection.

Hillary Clinton had used it, or tried to, anyway. It hadn’t worked. What was found out by hundreds and hundreds of reporters and opposition researchers was that no actual connection existed. Bill Ayers had been part of an educational challenge board supported by a grant by the Annenberg Foundation, a board on which Barack Obama sat. The connections ended there. There were no secret meetings, no ties to each other beside an interest in giving awards to children who performed at high levels in academic pursuits. Not exactly a smoking gun.

This couldn’t dissuade the conspiracy theorists and the rabid extremists. They knew there had to be more to it, something sinister and anti-American. After all, his middle name is Hussein. Such people are not rational. They don’t use Occam’s razor, or pose questions that may dismantle their theories, they only create more and more intricate reasons why something must be true. This has been going on for almost a year, and the cult of John McCain was ready to be exploited with the theory.

It was Sarah Palin who was first ordered to make the tactic official. She stood silently by as introductory speakers emphasized Senator Obama’s middle name, a reference meant to convey only one image—Arab terrorists. Make no mistake, there is no other reason to do it, and if you think the speakers did it on their own, well, you’ve never been involved in a federal campaign at any level worthy of mention. The crowds were prepped to think of only one thing while Sarah Palin spewed her hateful diatribes over the massive speaker systems, and it wasn’t hope, and it wasn’t change–it was a vehement wrath.

It’s not the mere connection they are trying to push between Barack Obama and Bill Ayers, it’s the words they are using, and the psychology they are misusing. Bill Ayers is referred to as a domestic terrorist, and Obama as ‘Barack Hussein Obama’, these aren’t disconnected ideas, not in the minds of Americans still fearful and mourning seven years after the tragic events of September  11, 2001. These words and ideas are intimately connected, Hussein, as in Saddam, and terrorist, as in the evil men who guided those massive planes to crash into the soul of every American that fateful morning.

The McCain campaign isn’t just wondering whether Barack Obama has larger connections to Bill Ayers, they are provoking people into something else. They are provoking Americans to be afraid of a man who hangs out with terrorists named Hussein, and to be scared for their lives because of this man. They are provoking audience members at their rallies to shout “Kill him!” and “Traitor!” They are provoking something greater than merely curiosity. They are provoking a violent reaction to a manufactured fear.

What is it that the McCain campaign wants those that feel this imminent terror to do? The conservative pundits would have you believe that they are only looking into to who Barack Obama really is, but some of us know this isn’t true. Some of us are scared they want something else to occur. Something outside the bounds of decency and patriotism, something outside any civilized democracy’s limits.

By inciting fear, a fear of a terrorist named Hussein taking control of their lives, the McCain campaign may very well be inciting action on that fear. What are those that believe McCain and Palin supposed to do? They cannot stand around and wait for the terrorist named Hussein to win the White House, they must act…
The question is whether that action is only a vote on November 4, or whether the act they want to occur should happen before that time. I never would desire to question the intentions of a man or an entire campaign in this manner, but the events of the past week have left us no choice but to wonder as to the true intentions of John McCain.



  1. Following up to my comment on your last post – yes, I did see this one. And while I completely agree with you, I’m finding it difficult to process this. Difficult to process the simple fact that THIS could constitute ‘politics’ in this day and age. It’s nothing more than naked pandering to the basest fears of people who, for whatever reason, have come to maintain such a narrow view of the world.

    I can’t claim to understand why someone might agree with the blatant negative attacks made recently. Why someone wouldn’t say ‘You know, I should really find out for myself if this is true’. I don’t claim to understand their lives, their views on the world. But I’ve also not seen anyone explaining WHY they hold that view. They only state WHAT they think, not WHY I should agree.

    I was born and raised in California. In my life, I’ve never been a personal, up-close witness to racism. In fact, I’ve very rarely been exposed to any discrimination that, no doubt, exists in my own community. I have my parents to thank for that. That I never thought twice about the bi-racial couple who lived on my street, whose son was a childhood playmate. That I never understood that any of my gay friends could be less than accepted by all those around them. These things are apparent to me only in retrospect.

    It’s because of this naivete that the rhetoric being put forth by the McCain campaign ‘sends a cold chill through my body’. It is NOT my America. In MY America, the one I believe in and strive for, a person’s choices are his own. His opinions are his own. I may disagree, but I respect his right to feel and think the way he does. I respect his right to do so free from any fear that I might act violently because I don’t hold the same beliefs. And I expect the same respect from him.

    I hope in my heart that what I’m hearing is something that has been brought about by the pressures of campaigning. That the people in the McCain/Palin campaign who are seeking to win this election have been swayed by the lure of the power of the office. That at this particular moment, they have been consumed by the belief that winning is more important than being good and decent. And that they believe that once they have won, they WILL do good.

    That is the only way I can keep my belief in the inherent decency of people. That circumstances change how we act, but that at heart we are all good people.

    But there is a marked difference in playing political games, and potentially playing with the safety of your opponent. And by crossing that line, the McCain/Palin campaign has made me wonder if I’ve been wrong all this time about our common bond of decency.

  2. And sorry about the length of my commentary!

  3. Don’t be sorry! Very nicely put.

    I had a similar experience growing up, but in a completely different area, and one that, in all honesty, it isn’t extremely uncommon. I’m thankful that my parents were activists in NAACP and that my world had kids and adults of different cultural backgrounds. It’s the unfamiliarity that breeds this fear. Once people get immersed in the groups that they used to fear, they almost always understand how foolish their fear had been in the first place.

    Thank you for your great comment, and I hope you continue to visit!

  4. McCain’s petulant sense of entitlement knows no bounds, apparently.

    I would have never expected that, of all the Republican presidential candidates, McCain would be the one to run for president in this despicable fashion. I have lost all respect for him.

    Talk radio was bad enough at creating echo chambers for demonstrably false garbage, the internet is proving to be even more insular for the worst bigots and hate-mongers.

    What parts of it they know are dishonest or untrue are irrelevant to the self-affirming nature of their chain e-mail lists or dissent-suppressing blogs and forums like freep. They never cared about the truth of any of these accusations, they just want group validation of latent, or blatant, racial fear and hatred, and even more universally, their hatred of any educated individual presenting them with facts or reason.

    They want to believe that the Disney “Hockey-Mom President” movie is real, because it means that they, too, are smart enough to run the country. It means they are justified in their sentimental attachment to tradition and a past that never was, just as they are justified in their simplistic, barbarous fears and their refusal to ever deal with the nature of the reality as a mature adult.

    If only we could be sure that they would all go, at this point I would say let them have Alaska, and let them make a new flag for it, and let them never talk about anything “imperfect” about it.

    Only children can relate to never seeing the imperfections in something, and not even all children at that.

  5. Well stated Bruupo.

    I hope you look around the blog, and come back soon.

  6. Thank you for such a thoughtful and well written blog. I hate to admit it, but I think you are right about McCain and Palin. I think they are trying to provoke violence against Obama. I plan on writing the media to speak out against this and to demand an apology from the McCain campaign. The fact that McCain has not made any statements chastizing this kind of behavior from his supporters is unthinkable.
    Again thank you so much for writing this.

  7. I’d say my pleasure Vera but I honestly hated to have to write it–no one else seems to talking about it this way.

  8. Would you mind if I quoted part of this in my letters to the media? I’m very impressed with what you have said here. I used to write fairly well years ago, but I’m a little rusty now. If you would rather I didn’t, I’ll understand.

  9. Feel free, but please cite and, if an electronic communication, a link would be appreciated. Link it where ever you wish, I’d love the extra eyes on this post and the rest of my blog (it can’t grow fast enough for me!).

  10. Thank you and I will.

  11. I was shocked at the “lynch mob” mentality that is being displayed by these so called “patriots” who support McCain.

    I was shocked, but not surprised.

    McCain & Palin’s “facts” about Obama’s character are depraved acts by a losing team going down in “electoral vote” flames.

    What McCain and Palin are soliciting from their audience is a primal fear from Americans who seem to “cling to their guns and religion” and are ready for a hanging to take place to free them from the likes of Barack Hussein Obama.

    McCain & Palin’s “political base” goading is pure evil at the core. I guess when you are out of political bullets, manipulating others to shoot for you, is the goal.

    I hope everyone remains safe. Obama has two young daughters that need him.

  12. It is unfortunate that the mob mentality is so easily manipulated with a few deft comments that make a picture that the mob wishes to see. I just hope that these people that have gotten so riled up have the mental wherewithal to fight their own lust for blood.

    Thanks for your comment, and feel free to link this post where you think people may be receptive. I really feel that the electorate needs to have this entered into the dialogue.

  13. I appreciate being able to post here. Huffington only allows me a couple sentences, and than sends me to Off the Bus. I am so awfully worried about this terrible race baiting, insighting of violence from the mccain camps! I remember the protest over the vietnam war and how it turned into such terrible violence in the streets. I was very young teen when JFK was killed by a foreigner. I’ve been listening to people from over sea’s who say Mccain/Palin is insighting anger/hate/violence like what got some of their own leaders assasinated! I believe that insighting violence into a crowd is against the law! I think it’s time the FBI tells mccain to cool it, or they will closed down any rally they have scheduled. How crazy to blame whats comeing out of their own mouths and cause’s such hate/anger to take place at their rally’s on Obama! I think Mccain has a seriouse mental health problem,, and just can’t face the fact he’s loseing this thing, and it has caused him to go over the deep end. I really call his mental stability into play at this time! No stable true American would ever do this! God Help us all if something violent takes place, because of Mccain/Palin. I was a republican, but I won’t be a party to mccains insanity. We are now hearing Republican politicians speaking up, as well as senator Hagels wife publicaly endorseing Obasma! I feel sorry for mccain, and angry at him at the same time! If he’d picked an experienced V.P., they would have been able to help Mccain keep control of himsef,his anger and keep a firm hand on him to help him through this in a good, honorable way! But, this Palin girl is out of control herself, and has already abused her power as a gov. in alaska. She has never had to reign herself in,an has gotten away with such things before. This gal was the wrong kind of V.P for Mccain to have. Sad isn’t it, but very scary right now!

  14. Glad to have you here! It is scary, which it didn’t have to be.

  15. […] There’s MORE insanity now! The vaccine crap was just child’s play compared to what’s going on in the news lately. Blatant racism, crowds chanting for bodily harm to individuals, inciting all manner of personal attack, character assassination, blatant lies, and every possible type of slime politics you can imagine. Some of us in this great nation are really “packing on the pork” with all of this shit flying everywhere. They’re drinking it in like cheap beer at a football game. I’m not a great writer….there are others like The Plaid Lemur, who has written a brilliant, balanced piece on the issue of whether or not Senator McCain is trying to get Senator Oba… […]

  16. […] has been trying to tell the American electorate over the past couple of weeks about Barack Obama. I came out early in my indignation of such disgusting tactics, and stand by my question as to McCain’s motivations. It hasn’t been […]

  17. The short answer? I don’t think McCain is trying to get someone killed, but I also don’t think he cares in the least. I can’t believe that he doesn’t recognize what is going on around him. I suspect for him, it’s just collateral damage. i despise racism, but I understand it and I understand hate and fear. What I will never understand is the kind of person who will exploit it and stoke it to further his own ambitions. Some prizes just cost far too much to be worth the price.

  18. Deb,

    I covered my thoughts on that (albeit with a little humor) a couple days ago


    I wouldn’t be surprised if he were feeling a wee bit dizzy with dementia.

  19. I agree, I am glad someone had the courage to bring this up. I watched clips of the angry mob, and they sounded dead serious. I never Liked John McCain but he has never said anything for me to at least respect him, let alone do anything. He didnt look at Obama at the debate, where as Obama did. I think he as others have said just cares about winning and people are starting to see it and that is why the polls are going down. His follwers on blogs, repeat his lies, calling Obama a terrorist. Which is beyond sad. McCain is no Patriot in my book and if he is doing this just to win he is considered a coward as well.

  20. Do any of you know Obama? Do any of you know McCain? What I don’t get is how you listen to Obama and agree with what he states. You honestly think McCain who practically died for this country, came back and is still serving today, would want harm brought to Obama? That is not the type of person he is, that is the type of person Obama’s campaign wants you to thinks he is. See, the brain-washing is on both sides, and we as “Americans” are to stupid to think for ourselves.

  21. Spoken like a true Democratic operative. Similar to the comments of Paul Begala, Lannie Davis, Rahm Emanuel and James Carville, all paid professional liars of the Clinton Administration (See CNN). Sadly, Blacks are the most racist people in our society. They only vote for black candidates, regardless of how inferior they are. And most of the candidates will die in office, regardless of how incompetent they are. Ever heard Maxine Waters give a speech, or Jessee Jackson ? The only thing blacks want are more Government handouts, which all Democratic candidates promise them, and all blacks think they deserve.
    Why has the National News Media refused to investigate Obama’s sordid history ? Afraid the truth might comme out? Read Obama’s books and find out how much he hates the White Race !

  22. I say If anything happens To Barack Obama, John McCain and “His little Sidekick Hocky Mom”, Sara Palin, Should be held responsable. I think Something Should be done about Them Inciting Racial Violence and Slander against Barack Obama.
    Sara Palin may have got away with abusing Her power in Alaska, I Pray to God they don’t get away with abusing their Powers now!! We can’t afford another Four Years of that in the White House.
    We already have 90 Year old Women shoting themselves over loosing there Homes!!

  23. I’m sorry, I just wanted to add one more little comment; I have always liked John McCane, There has been times (Before He and “Hocky Mom” Sara took up partnership) I had thought about voting for Him, even though I am a Die Hard Democrat. I always enjoyed watching Him on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” He always had a good sense of Humor and made Me feel good about Him. But now He just scares Me!!! There is nothing funny about Him now!!

  24. The McCain Palin camp just further helped me make my decision who to vote for. I like McCain and do not really truly know Obama, but if McCain’s camp is willing to stoop to such lows as trying to exploit our fears in such a way he is nothing more than another Bush who has no limit to the lies and lows that he will go to in my opinion. BTW has anyone seen the newstory on the ballot mixup in one area where Obama’s name is actually spelled “Osama” on many ballots already sent out? Now that’s a truly immature and desperate effort by someone to steal votes from Obama that he might otherwise get. We the people better be watching our voting polls this year so history doesn’t repeat itself if you know what I mean.

  25. Yes Ron, I’m an undercover Democratic operative working inside a secret room at the world government’s election 2008 communications bunker. You caught me!

  26. Veronica and Alice,

    I hear you guys loud and clear. I think there are a lot of former and potential John McCain supporters that now, in good conscience, just can’t support such a damaging and hate filled campaign.

    I used to have begrudging respect for the man, but after a couple of months into this campaign, I saw what his true aspirations were–victory at any cost.

    Glad to have you as readers. Welcome!

  27. I never saw any evidence that McCain/Palin INCITED these obvious idiots. Just as I would never assume Obama INCITED anyone to wear *Sarah Palin is a C*nt* t-shirts outside a McCain rally, like they did in PA. Nutjobs are nutjobs, and just because it is political does not mean they will act rational or civil.

  28. Plaidlemur, you are dangerous!! I’ve seen a lot of spinmeister hacks and you win.Never mind the mind numbing allegations made by Obama supporters. You monsters claim to embrace compassion and justice, but you are all about revenge. You don’t have to like Sarah Palin but her accomplishments far outnumber those who slurp your Kool-Aid. It is appalling to see the ugliness that has taken root in our society. And you and your ilk are the champions.

  29. I’m the greatest spinmeister hack ever!? Wow, thank you so much.

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