Palin Earpiece? Enhanced Image Here

October 4, 2008

Hey, sometimes you just get curious, don’t cha know?

From what I have seen (using various well crafted enhancement filters in my imaging suite), there is NO earpiece. Not that that should be surprising, but I have seen various people alluding to not only the possibility, but also making images that are supposed to ‘prove’ it.

Listen, I’m no Palin fan, far from it (just read this blog and you’ll be thoroughly convinced of that), but some things just need to be quashed. This is all the more true when there are substantial and verifiable problems with her, and her record.

So, without further ado, the result:

Nothing. Sorry folks, but I don’t think she had an earpiece. If she had, and performed as poorly as she did, then the issue wouldn’t change much–she’s still just not the person that should be next in line for the nuclear launch codes.



  1. […] an “enhanced image” showing no device can be seen at Plaidlemur. Just to avoid the usual conspiratorial comments, I actually chose not to enhance the pictures […]

  2. Thanks for the link Omnologos!

  3. Nothing there. She’s killing herself people, just sit back and watch. SHe doesn’t need any help.

  4. Her doublespeak today about the troopergate findings was the best. She is killing herself–but I have a feeling she’ll try to mount a campaign for 2012. That’ll be a strange one.

  5. I think she is a mean, nasty person. She gave too many hate speeches concerning Obama. I think McCain
    is old, tired and crazy! He and Palin would ruin
    this country if they ever got in. I am so ashamed
    of the republican party for being so despicable
    and filled with hate towards Obama. I have been a
    Republican since Kennedy and Nixon but this year
    I will be voting for Barack Obama who will be a good

  6. Nice Jan! I hope (and think) there are a lot of people just like you. Hopefully we can see a new direction for foreign policy and domestic policy for the country, and put this decay back into order.

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