VP Debate Poll Numbers – Who Won?

October 3, 2008

CNN (+/-4%)

Who won the debate?

51% Biden
36% Palin

Better at expressing views?

52% Biden
36% Palin

Qualified to be President?

87% Biden
42% Palin

Better agent of change?

53% Biden
42% Palin

Gwen Ifill fair moderator?

95% fair

CBS poll of uncommitted voters

Who won?

46% Biden
21% Palin

Now committed to a ticket?

18% Obama/Biden
10% McCain/Palin
71% Uncommitted

Impression of Biden?

53% better
5% worse
42% unchanged

Impression of Palin?

55% better
14% worse
30% unchanged

Knowledgeable about issues?

98% Biden
66% Palin

Prepared to serve as President if needed?

97% Biden
55% Palin

Effective as President, if needed?

91% Biden
44% Palin


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