Todd Palin Re-Employed by BP?

October 3, 2008

What exactly does he do for BP? BP won’t comment on that.

Per AP

Todd Palin is still a BP employee. Company spokesman Steve Rinehart declined to describe Palin’s status beyond confirming his employment. Palin’s schedule is one week on, one week off, Palin said in a recent television interview.

Some say he’s a part time Production Operator, which is odd that they’d allow one to be part time, and not full time. Those jobs are very, very competitive, and considered hard to obtain. It seems he made $46,790 last year from this part time work that he started some time earlier in 2007. I thought he left BP and was working as a steel worker in a union job, wasn’t that what I heard?

I don’t know, but Todd Palin working for BP, and Gov. Palin working on securing an oil pipeline for heavy usage by BP seems a little untoward. Considering that he seems to have sat in on the majority of meetings of individuals and legislators with the Governor (which, anyone would admit, is odd), Todd Palin being in the employ of an entity with massive amounts of money at stake from the decisions passed down by the Governor’s office really is a conflict of interest.

He flew around on missions scoping out the proposed pipeline, supposedly representing the Governor, but one has to wonder if he were representing another entity as well. If any information from his missions as a surrogate for the Governor were to be passed into the hands of BP under the auspices of his job, that would border on some serious legal issues.

I have no problems with him being employed by BP, but any raise, favoritism, or conflicting interests need to be avoided, and it really doesn’t look like they were, to me.


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