Famous Person Quoted in Palin Ad

October 3, 2008

Yes, that amazing star, the unbelievable person, that person that gets to cut in line at the coffee shop (Too Tall Jones used to cut me in line at the coffee shop, the bastard).

Famous Person!!! Wow! Now I’m convinced that Sarah Palin is now the celebrity candidate, especially now that Famous Person worships her.

Who could it be? A famous person…hmmm…

Here’s a list of possibilities:

Margaret Thatcher Thomas Edison Mother Teresa Helen Keller Madonna Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis Tom Brokaw James Taylor Mr. Rogers Isaac Newton Lewis Carrol Andy Rooney General Norman Schwarzkopf  Norman Rockwell Pablo Piccaso Paul McCartney Plato Edgar Allen Poe Elvis Mae West Ernest Hemingway Vincent Van Gogh W.C.Fields Robin Williams Walt Disney Walter Cronkite Shakespeare Frank Lloyd Wright Julia Roberts John F. Kennedy, Jr. Terry Bradshaw Gloria Steinem Charles Dickens Thomas Edison Whoopi Goldberg  Sigourney Weaver Bill Clinton Dave Letterman Newt Gingrich Jim Carrey Mary Tyler Moore Danny Glover Carol Burnett Paul Harvey Alicia Silverstone Neil Diamond Julia Child George Carlin Valerie Harper John Candy Weird Al Yankovick Marilyn Vos Savant Tom Hanks C. G. Jung William James Henri Mancini Bob Newhart Meryl Streep Benny Goodman Harrison Ford  Steve Martin  Ronald Regan Dan Aykroyd Susan B. Anthony Arthur Ashe Augustus Caesar Jane Austen William F. Buckley, Jr. Chevy Chase Phil Donahue Peter Jennings Charles Everett Koop C. S. Lewis Roy Rogers Chuck Yeager Jack Nicholson Charlie Brown Oprah Winfrey Paul Newman Pelé Fred Astaire Eddie Murphy Jimmy Conners Michael J. Fox Ross Perot  Sean Connery  Elizabeth Dole Dick Van Dyke  Andy Griffith Peyton Manning Nathaniel Hawthorne Shirley MacLaine Michael Landon John Katz Billy Crystal Carrie Fisher Darth Vader Bill Cosby Bill Gates Bob Dylan Carl Sagan Charles Yeager Colin L. Powell Diana, Princess of Wales Henry A. Kissinger Elvis Presley Madonna Mahatma Gandhi Michael J. Jordan Michele Pfeiffer Doris Day Liberace Elizabeth Taylor Yogi Berra Dan Rather Ervin “Magic” Johnson Michael Jackson John Travolta Tom Cruise Spider Man James Dean Clint Eastwood Ray Charles Jesse Jackson Thomas Jefferson Hank Aaron Mohammad Ali Aristotle Neil Armstrong Lucille Ball Hank Aaron Beethoven Alexander Graham Bell Napoleon George Washington Cleopatra Columbus Dr. Seuss Albert Einstein Eisenhower F Lee Bailey Ben Franklin Sigmund Freud Gandhi Alfred Hitchcock Bob Hope Harry Houdini Martin Luther King John Lennon Leonardo Da Vinci Lewis And Clark Abraham Lincoln Louis Pasteur  Marilyn Monroe Mark Twain Willey Mays Michelangelo Miles Davis Mozart

I think it was Darth Vader.

She Killed. It was her evening. She was the star!

Darth Vader, 10/2/08

They didn’t want to cite the person who said it, yet they wanted to use the quote. In fact, it was Peggy Noonan who said it. Peggy Noonan, Famous Person! No, more like Peggy Noonan, speech writer to Republicans. The writer who coined ‘A thousand points of light’, ‘Read my lips, no new taxes’, and ‘A kinder, gentler nation.’

Famous Person Fail


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