Sarah Palin’s Greatest Hits Video!

October 2, 2008

She’s been on the national scene for all of a few weeks, and she already has a 5 minute and 46 second greatest gaffes and blunders video! Wow, that must be something like a gaffe a minute, Gov…you’re doin’ a heck of a job Brownie Sarah!

Wow, just wow. It’s like comedy…but comedy that could end up as President and kill us all!

Hahahaa….haha….ahhhhhhhh!….haha….run for cover!

Thanks to TPM for making the video!



  1. Before you start laughing….suspend the smile for a minute and thinking a little differently about what you are about to watch tonite with the Biden-Palin Debate. Everybody has their spin on things…so I thought I would throw in a curve ball.

    I can not remember a time in my fifty years, other than the vague recollections of seeing the Nixon-Kennedy debates, where a debate between two candidates for national office has gotten my juices flowing.

    The Palin-Biden Debate could either be reminiscent of a Saturday Night Live skit or it could hold amazing suprises for how truly remarkable one, the other, or both candidates are for the Vice Presidential choice.

    All this excitement has me thinking about the last few weeks of Palin interviews where gaffe after gaffe has played on CBS, YouTube and AC360. Each time I have watched in wonder about how amazingly dopey McCain’s choice for the 2nd Banana spot has been.

    In fact, I have several times commented on my own blog how she has become the poster child for the minimalization of leadership run amuck in the political sphere. Tonite, the night before the VP Debate, I am reflective of what Thursday may have to offer and what we have watched over the last few weeks.

    Then the thought struck me….What if….What if….Sarah Palin has been playing possum. What if John McCain’s campaign decided “Okay…you want Sarah to go before the camera to provide answers….here she comes! She will give you the answers or no answers you EXPECT.” And off she is sent into carefully placed moments to provide maximum coverage of her image…..

    Katie Curic would be the perfect dupe for such a strategy because her ratings are the lowest. And, to some on the right she represents all of what is wrong with the TV Press. Taking Curic down with Palin’s success on Thursday would be her death nell and CBS News as well.

    So, nestled in the backroom of McCain’s political machine, the Senator from Arizona and his campaign manager decides with Palin in the room to allow the press to paint the young Alaskan governor as one lacking in knowledge, confidence, and insight.

    They know ultimately the election is about the top of the ticket. So, the decision is made to play the press with silly and odd interview moments with Governor Palin where she seems out of touch and out of her league. The goal is to keep the base energized with her presence on TV; she looks good, she looks common, her image is bright….even if she looks dumb. Taking one for the team to accomplish the prize.

    McCain, Palin, and the Campaign know the base does not like the press anyways and will not believe, or think fair, the circumstances or the questions asked are intended to gather information. So, they ask the young Governor if she would not mind playing possum for the press in an effort to lower expectations to a place where the pit bull with lipstick trap will be sprung upon the unsuspecting Obama, Biden, and “the liberal press” on debate night.

    The political success of a Biden getting eaten alive by a beautiful, dressed in red, intelligent woman would be maximized. I say red because red is the outfit I believe she will wear. Only a woman as good looking as her could get away with wearing a hot hungry color for the TV viewer. May sound cynical…but I am laying my bets on a hot red outfit.

    This kind of tactic, you would think, is high risk at best for McCain. BUT, the choice of Palin was a high risk. Her immediate affect upon the base was greater than most expected. If there is one thing you can expect from McCain is the unexpected. This is the hallmark of John McCain’s career. I have long held how we know what kind of presidency John McCain will provide….one that will not be consistent in its message and always unexected.

    Remember, John McCain comes first from a military background. And, having your attack dog play dead so that you, the enemy or opponent, might get ever so close to it before it strikes a deadly blow is exactly what you would want to do. Lessons learned in the jungle.

    Remember, Sarah Palin has already taken down a couple professional male political figures in Alaska….You might say….well that’s Alaska….BUT, I would say to that…one is luck…two is a trend.

    So….while I know you may just think I am joking or being silly…REMEMBER where you heard the possibility of such happening first.

    With John McCain…you just never know what this old dog has up his sleeve to get what he wants…REMEMBER…if he is willing to have a marriage license for his second wife while still legally married to his first….He can very well ask his VP to look stupid so that he and she can look good in the end.

    How many of you remember Mohammad Ali’s “rope a dope” tactic in his overall strategy to defeat George Forman? There Ali stood laying back onto the robes playing possum with George in order to tire out the big George Foreman Grille magnet.

    I am not saying Palin is Ali…..BUT, I do believe she could very well be a possum.


  2. anglhugnu2,

    I can’t see her being such a good actor as to have fooled us all into thinking that she’s this much of a lightweight. It would also be a hyper risky tactic, as opinions on new individuals on the national scene are cemented fairly quickly. Even if she does well in the debate, she still has to overcome a fairly high threshold of disbelief in her abilities, as has been shown in numerous polls over the past week.

    We’ll see, but I suspect they’ll have her take a very measured and sound bite dominated route in the debate. A few quips that she’ll repeat, and then stick to very rehearsed answers for the rest. Nothing off the cuff, and therefore, no chance of a dominant performance (as dominant performances are usually dictated by responses to what the other candidate said in quick fashion–think Lloyd Bentsen).

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