McCain Makes Palin Sized Blunder

October 1, 2008

You read that right, a big one. No, no, no, not the whole flippin’ n’ floppin’ he’s been doing, or his choice in  VP candidate, or even all those silly and unnecessary lies he spouts–although those are all worthy of some time and space. This one is one of those basic, ‘my 14 year old nephew knows that this is wrong’ type blunder (smart kid, knows all the capitals and countries in the world and can tell you some basic facts about the country-but not in a geeky way).

Anyway, you’re dying to know what it is, so I’ll just quote Senator McCain…

I think the single biggest issue is to get our economy going, and a key element of that is creation of jobs, with alternate energy, clean coal, wind, tide, solar, automobiles that run on flex-fuel, hydrogen, and batteries. Making use of the coal reserves in Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. The world’s largest oil reserves are in the United States of America. And nuclear power. Nuclear power…we can build 45 new nuclear power plants by 2030 and create 700,000 new jobs. We’ve got to put Americans back to work.

John McCain, 9/29/08

I know what you’re thinking, “What the heck is wrong with that guy!?” …and he didn’t correct himself, his campaign had to cover for him (as usual) hours later.

Senator McCain freely admits why he lies, and why he flip flops:

Anyway, let’s have some fun and fact check McCain, even though we know he is dead wrong, like anyone over the age of 14 would. The US, the largest oil reserves in the world? Where could we get some decently reliable info on that? Some info that maybe a Senator and two time presidential candidate would possibly have access to? I know, the Department of Energy!

Here you go, these are the latest estimates from the Energy Information Administration, a part of the DOE.

Oil Oil Oil
(Billion Barrels) (Billion Barrels) (Billion Barrels)
Country/Region BP Statistical Review Oil & Gas Journal World Oil
Year-End 2007 January 1, 2008 Year-End 2006
Saudi Arabia 264.209 266.751 262.275
Iran 138.400 138.400 133.000
Iraq 115.000 115.000 125.100
Kuwait 101.500 104.000 100.110
United Arab Emirates 97.800 97.800 70.560
Venezuela 87.035 87.035 52.945
Russia 79.432 60.000 74.435
Libya 41.464 41.464 34.970
Kazakhstan 39.828 30.000 N/A
Nigeria 36.220 36.220 37.200
United States 29.444 20.972 20.972
Canada 27.664 178.592 25.591
Qatar 27.436 15.207 20.400
China 15.493 16.000 16.256
Brazil 12.624 12.182 12.267
Algeria 12.270 12.200 11.921
Mexico 12.187 11.650 11.656

Oh my! Who would have possibly ever thought that Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Venezuela, Russia, Libya, Kazakhstan, and Nigeria all have more oil reserves than the US!? Gosh, I don’t know…maybe anyone who’s been paying attention for the past 50 &*(%|n’ years!

His supporters will no doubt say something to the effect of “Well, c’mon, of course he didn’t mean that!” Well, then, what did he mean? What did the guy who wants to be President of the United States mean? Coal reserves? If he meant coal reserves, then the question of his mental acuity has to be taken into consideration. He had just mentioned ‘coal reserves’, so what’s with the flub?

Is this guy all there? Has his age caught up with him? Are we looking at a guy who is thinking like Reagan was in his last couple years in office (no offense, President Reagan not only seemed off kilter the last couple of years in office, but the onset of fairly severe Alzheimer’s wasn’t that long after he left office)?

Along with all of the very bad tactical mistakes, misstatements, blunders, and obvious flip flops (within hours of each other), Senator McCain is making a very good case for being mentally drained, or, unfortunately, not mentally capable to be in a very challenging and fatiguing job.

Look back on his campaign and ask yourself whether he is thinking clearly, or is he really this much of a flip floppin’ bumbler? I don’t know the answer, but neither one is good.


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