McCain’s Fail Talk Express

September 29, 2008

-777.68 (-6.98%)

McCain Suspended his campaign to do what, exactly? Remake the Straight Talk Express into the Fail Train? So much for your help, Senator.

Sure, only 2/3 of Democrats voted for the plan, a heavily revised plan that isn’t anything near the plan that Paulson originally proposed. This needed to pass. It sucks, I know. I’d hate to funnel money into the same mechanism that mismanaged themselves so badly that it came to this, but what is the alternative? A few years of extreme financial pain and super high unemployment? That’s what is projected, is that what you want?

Take this into consideration: If the US economy goes into an elongated recesssion (depression), the dollar will likely be replaced as the currency of preference around the world. It already is being replaced by many economies. Many Countries stabilize their currency with a large reserve of US dollars, and what happens when they choose to replace it? Massive sell offs of any product does what? Devaluation. Inflation.

And if you think, for one second that Nancy Pelosi’s ‘partisan’ speech switched votes, then why were Republicans putting their feelings before their country? Why?

I have to add this:

If you are not angry that this bill didn’t pass, then you don’t get it.



  1. I was amazed that McCain aired a brand new attack ad focusing on the failure of Barack and the democrats to get this bill passed five minutes after it was announced that the deal was dead. Did he have one in the can to attack them if the bill passed as well?
    Yesterday, republicans attacked the democrats for supporting the big-spending bill; today, republicans are attacking them for failing to save us from the crisis.

  2. Well, they attack for anything. Hell, they tried to make Terry Schiavo into a political attack against Democrats. That takes some real cynicism.

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