Video Exposé of McCain and Palin

September 28, 2008

Very nicely crafted video from Zoso820. It has a very nice ending, wrapping up everything in the video, and the campaign, and puts them in perspective.

The spoken words from The Audacity of Hope were both well chosen and well placed. There can be no doubt that there is a true and meaningful choice we make this November, not just between blue and red, or conservative or liberal, but a choice between truthfulness and equivocation, between principles and pandering, between the common good and the lowest common denominator. This election can not, and will not settle the long lived disputes about whether Bill Clinton’s blow job was worthy of impeachment, or the rift between those that favor a woman’s choice, and those that hold fast in their assertions that life begins at conception. This election will not solve all of our problems, and no one expects it to. This election will, however, point us in a new direction, one that includes all Americans in this great experiment, or keeps us continuing down the same path that George W. Bush has been steering us on. We cannot afford, for the sake of this great nation’s history, to allow ourselves to careen off the rails of justice, liberty, and equality anymore.


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