McCain’s So Called ‘Judgement’

September 28, 2008

If people want an ‘experienced’ president, they should also consider what that ‘experience’ is.

Senator McCain has a lot of experience in getting things wrong, and horribly so. Do you want someone who pimped this war out to the American people on the talk show circuit, all the while getting every facet of the war’s projected outcome wrong? That’s experience alright…experience at being a parrot for Rumsfeld, Bush, and Cheney.

Watch this:

If he had any of the honor he is once thought to have had, he would have apologized directly to the American people by now. Instead, he spews forth platitudes about violence decreasing in Baghdad, but fails to point out the massive shift in the population demographics of the areas. The Sunnis have been pushed out of the city on large part, or ‘cleansed’ from being anywhere at all.

This is the satellite image showing the dramatic change just before the surge. The Sunni areas underwent a massive change over a period of time. This is thought to be a major, if not integral, factor in the decrease in violence. There aren’t as many disputes over neighborhoods anymore.


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