Latest Presidential Polls

September 28, 2008

First up: Research 2000/Daily Kos Tracking poll. 1,100 polled, +/-3%

Senator Obama (50%) leading Senator McCain (43%) by a touchdown and an extra point.

Gallup has Senator Obama trotting away, leading Senator McCain by 8 points, 50% to 42% (+/-2%)

And last, but not least, Rasmussen. 3,000 likely voters with a MoE of 2% has Senator Obama with a commanding 6 point edge over Senator McCain.

There’s a long way to go, so any giddiness you have, please temper it with thoughts of the Swift Boat campaign, and the other despicable and cowardly tactics that the Republicans are notorious for.

And did you see the favorable/unfavorable rating of Palin!? She’s tanking. A lot of pundits say that people don’t vote according to the bottom of the ticket, but I strongly believe that this is the exception to the rule. It has shown a severe lack of judgement on Senator McCain’s part, and that’s what he was trying to run on. So much for judgement and experience, hello cynicism and political gimmickry!



  1. That’s a lot of graphs. Can Republicans read graphs?

  2. They can. Unfortunately, they need to take pain pills to fully comprehend them. I think Cindy McCain used to read a lot of charts.

  3. I had a very gross experience. Last week I found an e mail the Palin dame sent me. She asked for my support. I replied NO. I added support Obama :)
    But next day I get a letter thanking me for my hard work and asking for 35 dollars. A guy nameF E. Smith was the coded name. Really outrageous. No respect for individual choice and dissent.

    Last night a lady tried to convince me to vote for McPalin. She gave a long tirade but when I managed to politely but firmly refuse, she got very angry and started to shake. I calmly told her to calm down. She settled down but stood up and left. I felt a bit depressed afterwards. Luckily I went to speak to a younger and pretty lady. She understood and agreed with me.:)

    Regarding Palin, it seems she has Hitler’s unfortunate speech glibness to drive her supporters to become very nasty. Clinton, Reagan, Bush did not control America, the KKK evangelists do.:(
    It may sound crazy, but look how JFK got murdered and his brother RKJ did too :( Also Dr. Martin Luther King, both Robert Kennedy and Dr. King were contenders and possible Presidential winners. JFK was a sitting President. Too much of a coincidence.:(

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