Bristol Palin Wedding Stunt!?

September 28, 2008

Is the McCain campaign pushing for a pre-election wedding for 17 year old Bristol Palin and her boyfriend?

According to The Times (London, not New York), there is some hope that will happen. Maybe the McCain camp thinks that it would be more like a Princess Diana wedding than what it will be…a shotgun wedding of a minor and her slacker boyfriend.

Inside John McCain’s campaign the expectation is growing that there will be a popularity boosting pre-election wedding in Alaska between Bristol Palin, 17, and Levi Johnston, 18, her schoolmate and father of her baby. “It would be fantastic,” said a McCain insider. “You would have every TV camera there. The entire country would be watching. It would shut down the race for a week.”

I don’t care if the girl is pregnant, or if he actually loves her, using her in this way is heinous.


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