Kissinger Can Speak for Himself, Senator McCain

September 27, 2008

Here’s Sarah Palin, John McCain, and Henry Kissinger on Henry Kissinger’s views. Who’s telling the truth? It couldn’t be Henry Kissinger, because John McCain has known Henry Kissinger for 30 something years, and he knows what Dr. Kissinger thinks!

Since Senator McCain likes the Beach Boys, maybe he’ll understand this, to the tune of Help Me Rhonda:

Well, Henry you caught my lie
It’s all I got got, this negotiation reply
You gotta help me Henry
Help me get him out of being smart

Update: Dr. Kissinger contradicts himself in order to protect McCain. It looks like Henry ‘Carpet Bomb’ Kissinger has no qualms in backtracking on his comments and agreement with four other former Secretaries of State in order to protect his candidate. Henry Kissinger lying for political considerations? Who’d a thunk?


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