Who Won The Debate?

September 26, 2008

CBS Poll – 500 uncommitted voters (+/- 4 percentage points)

  • 40% Barack Obama won
  • 22% John McCain won
  • 38% draw

On whether their opinion got better toward the candidate

  • 46% Barack Obama
  • 31% John McCain

Who would make the right decisions regarding the economy?

  • 68% Barack Obama
  • 41% John McCain

Who would make the right decisions about Iraq?

  • 49% Barack Obama
  • 55% John McCain


MediaCurves (HCD Research)

Who won the debate?

Barack Obama John McCain
Republicans 10.26% 89.74%
Democrats 92.77% 7.23%
Independents 61.11% 38.89%

The independent result is probably the most important here, as always. I am unsure of the sample size, or the research methodology, so take this one with a grain of salt. It does, however, come from a research entity, so it probably has valid methodology, but you never know.



Who Did the best job in the debate?

  • 51% Barack Obama
  • 38% John McCain

Who would better handle economy?

  • 58% Barack Obama
  • 37% John McCain

Who Would Better Handle Iraq?

  • 52% Barack Obama
  • 47% John McCain


Looks like Senator Obama is perceived to have won the debate. He was very gracious toward Senator McCain while Senator McCain was very, very dismissive of Senator Obama’s abilities. I think this tactic was quite risky on Senator McCain’s part, as he needs the independent vote even more so than Senator Obama does as Democratic Party registrants are generally a higher percentage across the nation, thus making a higher percentage of support from independents neccesary for a Republican Party candidate to capture a federal office. Independents are generally not swayed by sniping, and partisan attacks, and Senator McCain’s consistant use of “What he doesn’t understand is…” and similar phrases may come across as partisan bickering. Senator Obama is probably smart to give credit to Senator McCain when it is due, as it shows a bipartisan, or even nonpartisan aspect to Senator Obama’s persona.


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