Wham-o WaMu, Feds Seize Bank! Sell Assets!

September 26, 2008

Washington Mutual sets a record! The largest bank ever to fail in US history.

Meanwhile, John McCain plays his fiddle while Wall Street burns. Vote Nero! He plays the fiddle well!

Seriously, this political play by McCain is disgusting. Pretending to ‘come to the rescue’ of the economy, only for media attention and an issue for the debates. It’s sickening. John McCain showed up to the meeting with a campaign aide, not a Senate aide (one that takes care of legislative business), and hasn’t been present for a vote in Washington since April! APRIL! He has been the least present Senator this session, missing more votes than a guy who had a brain tumor, and one that had a brain hemorrhage! Seriously!

Oh, help us with your great political stunt, John McCain, there’s not enough of those already in Washington! Maybe one big political stunt will fix everything! You’re my political stunt hero, John McCain!

The fundamentals of your stunt aren’t strong, John McCain.

Cynical, power hungry liar.


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