McCain ‘Suspending’ His Campaign…

September 24, 2008

What a shallow and obvious political play. It’s fifth grade stuff, and not very good fifth grade stuff at that. This is the same Senator McCain who thought the economy was fundamentally strong a week ago, the same McCain that says that he doesn’t know anything about the economy–what’s he going to do, be clueless and wrong on the floor of the Senate during the bailout debate?

We all know he’s going to attempt some desperate act of showmanship by sponsoring a bill proposing popular measures that play well in the polls but may be economically unfeasible. It’s inevitable, at this point. McCain needs a boost for his lagging poll numbers, make no mistake, he’ll call out Obama for being political in a time of crisis, all the while playing a cynical and foolish game of political gamesmanship.

This is a outlandish tactic, really and truly. What would be the point of suspending one campaign, never mind both? There is no true point. What does it mean to suspend a campaign? Nothing! So, he may cancel his meeting with some NRA local chapter, that wasn’t going to be on the news, in order to be in Washington to consult with…with…with…? No one. He’s going there for one expressed purpose, get airtime that shows him as fighting for ‘the little guy’, the same little guy he hasn’t given a flying crap about in over 20 years, if even then.

Maybe Keating’s in trouble again, or one of Keating’s minions. He should really try to get the dastardly government off of those nice mortgage people’s backs, like his campaign manager, Rick Davis (who has been receiving 15,000 dollars a month from Freddie Mac until last month and 30,000 dollars a month from 2003-2006).

Maybe McCain should have focused on the economy for the past 20 years…oh, wait, he has…to deregulate it.


One comment

  1. Yes, I think it’s totally a political move. And then I heard that Obama said he wasn’t suspending his campaign… he said no need. I think it’s such a tight race…

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