Well, another 450 points shaved off of the Dow.

September 17, 2008

So, who wanted to privatize Social Security? John McCain.

Who was a lead in the charge for deregulation? John McCain.

Disastrous leadership, John McCain.

The fundamentals of this economy are not strong, Senator McCain. The real estate market is collapsing, the mortgage industry (the same one you decided should be deregulated) has broken, and the stock market is taking a beating to the tune of almost 900 points in a few days.

The international markets are also teetering. The interwoven world economy is reeling from collapses and failures due to speculative investments in high risk paper, and derivatives far outstretched from any notion of prudence. Deregulation, Senator McCain, was, and is, a foolish notion built in the petty minds of greedy laissez-faire industrialists who envision only their own profits, and care not for the common American family’s needs.

It was John McCain who sharpened his lance head, and charged head long into the notion of regulating industries to maintain a bastion of economic health in a volatile economic world. He let greed shine his armor, and shed his supposed ethics to better let the world view him in a spectacular light. It was Senator John McCain, and his ilk, that have lead us to this bitter battle, and it is them who will continue to protect themselves from their own financial demise by sacrificing headlong charges of the common American family into the sharp and unrepentant weapons of economic ruin.

If you think, even for one minute, that John McCain would be better for the economy, spare yourself the next four years to prove yourself wrong and give all that you still have to charity, so that at least some good can come from your stupidity.

Shame on you Senator McCain.


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