Off to pick up ‘Anathem’

September 16, 2008

Neal Stephenson has become one of my favorite authors over the past decade. The guy can spin a yarn involving 30 characters, and still manage to keep the reader enthralled. It amazes me–he’s like a 19th century Russian writer with a penchant for science instead of romance. At 900 pages plus, Anathem should stay on my bedside table for at least a week, unlike most novels that pass far too quickly.

Books by Neal Stephenson that rock steady:


-Snow Crash

-The Baroque Cycle (Trilogy, reads like one smooth 3000 page novel–serious rock star level writing)


—–The System of the World

—–The Confusion

He wrote a few others that really didn’t interest me, but that’s the risk with his subject choices. He rides a line between hard science and plausible science, and very tricky plots. When he nails it (which he seems to do consistantly now), he writes an epic. If you have been avoiding his work, don’t–he’s one of the most talented American writers of this generation. Think Isaac Asimov meets Tolstoy. Yeah, I went there.


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