Odds & Ends of the Day.

September 15, 2008

I slept for too long last night. Maybe it was needed, as I felt especially refreshed when I did awake. I’ve been somewhat exhausted lately, not from being overburdened, or stress of any kind, but not getting enough sleep. I’m on west coast time in an east coast timezone–which is both odd, and oddly peaceful at night. It messes with my internal clock though.

So I slept for a good 12 hours, minus the 15 minutes of dizzily stumbling to the bathroom halfway through the marathon session. I was going to stay awake at that point, and felt like I normally do when I wake up–dizzy, clumsy, and a danger to myself and all the objects in my path. I’m glad I laid back down, for one thing I enjoyed my coffee this morning without first plunging ice cubes into it before chugging it like a frat boy attacking a can of Keystone Light.


There’s a campaign worker living with me until November. I think he’s a good kid, he seemed so when I met him that one time. That’s right, one time. He’s been here over a month, and the only time I met him was when I showed him how to work the front door (it actually needs an instruction manual, I kid you not). I see evidence every day that he’s been home, but we never run into each other. I’m kind of glad, in a way, but it’s kind of weird knowing someone else is in the same home as you yet you don’t even know them.

If it weren’t for the items he keeps in the fridge dwindling and appearing, and the washer and dryer going when I hadn’t turned them on, I’d think he just stopped living here. That’s probably how it’ll end, sometime in early November I’ll stop noticing those things, and he’ll be gone. Very odd, indeed.


The Dow. Ouch. I’m not one to measure economic health by the stock market, as there are so many other factors involved, but ouch. Seriously? 500 points? This is what the march towards deregulation and laissez-faire policies get us. Industry needs regulation, and it needs oversight. There needs to be lines on the road so that we avoid head-on collisions, just as we need to keep industry in line. It’s a damn shame what’s happening, but I can’t say I haven’t seen this coming for quite a while.

It’s not ruination, but it sure isn’t an indicator of great economic health. I hope the readers out there haven’t lost any zeroes in the assets column today. If anyone actually thinks that McCain will change economic policies, and create a stronger economy, compare his proposals with what’s been going on for the past 8 years–no discernible difference. We need a fundamental shift in our regulation philosophy and we need to hold poor management of large corporations accountable. There is nothing wrong with large corporations, per se, but when they become so large as to become a actual percentage of GDP, or anything of the sort, we need to keep a keen eye on their goings on, and if they are mismanaged, the management needs to be shamed and put in the public square for scorn and justice. Their golden parachutes need to be replaced with lead balloons.

By the way, the market close on January 19th, 2001–10,587.60. Today? 10,917.51. A gain of a whole 329.91 over more than 7 years. If adjusted for inflation, the Dow has lost value. To be equal, the Dow would need to be over 12,500. To have a okay ROI (for me, anyway), the Dow would need to be at about 17,000.

Can America swallow this, and ask for more of the same?


What do you think of the blog’s title banner? I made it. Yeah, that’s right, I’m awesome, I can’t help it.

Seriously though, I’m proud of how it turned out. I wanted a textile look to it, while maintaining a classic early 1960’s modernism to it. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Mad Men, but the early 60’s had some seriously innovative design going on. A side note: the color palette has some significance as well.


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